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Reach out and touch faith

For several days, I have been monitoring Facebook posts. This is rather unusual for me as I only use Fb (and LinkedIn) for the marketing of my blogs. Late yesterday evening, I suddenly noticed a post that immediately rang my alarm bells: a friend posting an article about suicide. Before she had been posting funny stuff. With hindsight, this mirrors by own 2012 behaviour.

Several months ago, my friend’s father died. Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926-2004) identified five steps in processing grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – a.k.a. DABDA. It appears my friend is stuck in phase 4. Depression is probably the most treacherous of all 5 steps.

During my writing, I have established that the five steps in the Kübler-Ross model are more universal than grief alone. These five steps also apply to major negative changes in your life, like losing your job. Several U.S. mass shootings, which are linked to a former employee, relate to step 2 (anger) in the Kübler-Ross model. Please see my related blogs: 20162017, 2018.

As expected, my friend wasn’t in a talking mood. Hence, I advised her to view at least the 2005 movie Constantine (IMDb), which will help her understand what she is up against. Latter should not be underestimated. Depression equals (utter) chaos in your mind. You’re incapable of organizing your thoughts. Moreover, you “hear” voices in your mind advising you to “end it all”.

I was lucky in 2013, when my eyes were repeatedly drawn to the Constantine DVD. After viewing it, I finally understood that the “voices” inside my mind were coming from the Dark Side. An episode in the Netflix series Lucifer points to the same: a woman considering jumping off a roof “hears” Lucifer’s voice, who is trying to convince her to end her life. Lucifer is not allowed to push her from the roof. It must be her choice.

A depression shakes your long-held beliefs (eg, my 2019 blog, New York Mag-2006). You start to question these long-held beliefs. In other words: you start losing faith in your long-held beliefs. This process may either trigger a new set of beliefs or may trigger a downward spiral by losing faith, beliefs and willpower, possibly ending in suicide.

The above is related to my concept of Faith, Beliefs & Willpower. Willpower is about executing your beliefs. Your beliefs are powered by your faith. Faith includes conviction (in these beliefs) but is also like a connection to an everlasting energy source.

The above suddenly makes me wonder if the depression epidemic in western countries (my 2017 blog) and in poor (African) countries (Guardian), as well as the Chinese suicide wave (my 2019 blog) are reflecting a global crisis in faith. To be continued.

Personal Jesus (1989) by Depeche Mode
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Reach out and touch faith [Chorus] 
Your own personal Jesus 
Someone to hear your prayers 
Someone who cares 
Your own personal Jesus 
Someone to hear your prayers 
Someone who’s there

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