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A global crisis of faith

Yesterday’s blog suggested the possibility of a global crisis of faith. Considering the ending of the the astrological age of Pisces – as defined by “monotheism and spirituality” – and the beginning of Aquarius – as defined by “freedom and technology, especially space travel and electricity” – a global crisis of faith would indeed match this astrological transformation.

In my view, there is a secondary transformation from collective religion towards individual faith. My view is supported by others claiming that religion is declining while faith is increasing (eg, Pew-2015, Pew-2018Trouw-2018my July 2018 blog).

Moreover, faith is personal and thus matches (individual) freedom in Aquarius, while religion is often the exact opposite of freedom. My October 2018 blog on the 7 stages of Liberalism points to the same in stage 7: Freedom of collective Religion and the return of individual Faith.

I should stress there is a “lack of consensus of almost all aspects of the astrological ages, except for the astrological ages relationship to” Earth’s axial precession, which is “a cycle of approximately 25,772 years”. Hence, an astrological age should be 1/12 or about 2,148 years. Depending on when Pisces started (ie, before or at 0 BC), Aquarius has started or is about to start.

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned that major negative changes also trigger the 5 steps of the Kübler-Ross model: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The start of the 21st century has created lots of turmoil: 2001 attack on Twin Towers, War on TerrorTrump-Russia dossier, climate change (denial), mass migration crises in Europe and USA, etcetera. It’s safe to say that people are in various stages of the Kübler-Ross model.

The aforementioned various crises are reason enough to question one’s beliefs. This questioning may result in (i) losing faith in existing beliefs, and (ii) replacing them with new beliefs. Some may be unable to make this transformation and remain stuck in phase 4 – depression. Depression and suicide are closely linked phenomena. 

The above suggests that the possibility of a global crisis of faith is more like a certainty. However, it’s important separating (individual) faith from (collective) religion. Excerpt from yesterday’s blog: “Faith includes conviction (in these beliefs) but is also like a connection to an everlasting energy source.”

The freedom element of Aquarius might even relate to being liberated from your beliefs and achieving an Awakening. That would match the final step in my concept of Needs (eg, Africa), Wants (eg, Asia), Beliefs (eg, Western Europe, UK, USA) and Awakening (individual/personal).

Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In (1969) by The 5th Dimension

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