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The free and independent press (2)

On June 10, the “New York Times [] decided to end its political cartoons altogether after the backlash over an anti-Semitic cartoon it published in its international edition” (WE). On June 11, I cancelled my recent NYT basic subscription over that decision, while arguing that “U.S. political correctness is going into absurd directions” and that “humour is essential in human lives.”

I agree with longtime NYT cartoonist Patrick Chappatte, who blames “moralistic mobs [who] gather on social media and rise like a storm, falling upon newsrooms in an overwhelming blow” (PC). Nevertheless, Mr Chappatte feels a victim over “a single cartoon – not even mine – that should never have run in the best newspaper of the world”.

From a Dutch perspective, there’s nothing wrong with this cartoon, featuring a blind Trump wearing a kippah, led by a lap dog wearing the star of David, representing the Israeli PM. Dutch newspapers feature far more critical cartoons. Indeed this cartoon is not funny, but neither is it a falsehood. It’s just a perspective on what’s happening in the Middle East.

Arguing that this cartoon is anti-semitic is a mockery of anti-semitism (my 2016 blog). People in a victim role are easily hurt and often use reverse psychology and projection for blaming others. Unfortunately, victim roles are quite popular in the Middle East. I’m often reminded of my 2017 blogYou can only hurt someone with the truth

Succumbing to fake allegations of anti-semitism is another example of political correctness. This drive for political correctness is making other people furious for losing part of their identity. I agree with HBO host Bill Maher‘s recent assessment that “this far-left political correctness is a cancer on progressivism” (WE).

This storm in a teacup at the the New York Times is another example that there is no such a thing as a “free and independent press”. Ultimately, the volume of advertisements, donations, and subscriptions is what keeps a newspaper in business. Any media blitz is soon yesterday’s news, once you have a spine and live up to your words, deeds and intentions.

Arguably, the U.S. far-left and their climate of extreme political correctness are feeding Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. To paraphrase a familiar saying: With enemies like the liberals and the far-left, who needs friends?? Trump wouldn’t even be able to survive, once common sense would return to America. Latter is extremely unlikely, however.

Any way the wind blows (1974) by JJ Cale featuring Eric Clapton

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Some like this and some like that 

And some don’t know where it’s at 

If you don’t get loose, if you don’t groove 

Well, your motor won’t make it and your motor won’t move

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