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Leaving Town Blues

3 May 2019


Leaving Town Blues (1971) by Rory Gallagher (1948-1995)

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Now, when I leave this town mama

may not be back no more

When I leave this town, mama

I won’t be back no more

Got the blues so bad

like a riot standin’ out my door

I’ve got the blues so bad

Now I know the score

Got the blues so bad honey

Why won’t then let me be

Got the blues so bad, baby

Honey they hit me, hit me, hit me

Now, I’ll go to Chicago

When a man can be free, so much

I’m asking mama, mama

Please don’t cry no tears

Hear baby

Please don’t cry no tears

And I’ll always love you

Through my days and through the years

But you gotta help me out


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