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Theory of Everything

While cleaning my email box, I noticed a recent Economist article about a Theory of Everything, albeit for economists only. It reminded me of my own ambition to come up with such a theory. I still remember a brief moment several years ago, when I suddenly saw the interconnectedness of everything in my mind.

During my cleaning, I also noticed a recent article from Quanta Magazine stating that “[] all Change is a mix of order and randomness”. In my view, Change is clearly a meta ingredient of any Theory of Everything. While wondering about other ingredients, I came up with Energy and Transformation. After some contemplation, I realised that the missing meta ingredient is Resources.

I think, feel and believe that anything is explained by these 4 meta ingredients, being: (1) Energy, (2) Resources, (3) Transformation, and (4) Change. Change often results in new Energy (eg, profitable companies). Hence, a circle appears. However, this circle is probably a self-sustaining system, which purpose is – likely – continuity (eg, companies, life in general).

In the absence of Resources, available Energy will remain fruitless. This appears the fate of most – if not all but one – planets in the Universe. Earth, however, is called a goldilocks planet: it has all the resources for transformation (ie, creating life). From a pure statistical angle, it is likely that the Universe should have adequate resources for transformation on other planets than Earth.

Tim Austin‘s mathematical proof that “all Change is a mix of order and randomness” is intriguing (Quanta). I think, feel and believe that randomness is necessary for adapting order to Change (eg, circumstances, environment). Evolution of life on Earth follows this same pattern: successful random genetic mutations ensure the continuity of species (ie, preserve order).

Considering Tim Austin‘s mathematical proof, the Chaos theory can no longer be supported. Chaos is merely a human label for undesirable Change, and/or the absence of Resources and thus the absence of Transformation. Even without these two, Energy (eg, classical elements) will always cause Change (eg, erosion).

There is another reason why I prefer viewing these 4 meta ingredients as part of a system rather than a circle. A system assumes the existence of a blueprint. A self-sustaining system requires randomness in order to adapt and ensure the continued validity of the order in that blueprint.

The existence of a blueprint raises existential questions. All societies have always solved those questions by believing in a Deity or a Supreme Being (eg, Ahura Mazda, Allah, Brahman, God, Yahweh), who is/are accountable and responsible for that Master Plan.

The Creator has a Master Plan (1995) by Brooklyn Funk Essentials
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