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The climate debate: arrogance AND ignorance

Recently, I realised that the climate debate is characterized by arrogance AND ignorance. This combination puzzled me. After careful consideration, I made the diagram below.  It shows that  arrogance and ignorance are the output of another cycle: Doubt – Fear – Hope – Love (my blogs).

Doubt and Fear are part of a negative mindset (eg, my dark side blogs). Hope and Love show a positive mindset.

Clearly, the climate (change) debate is becoming more and more negative. People who challenge the 97% human responsibility for our climate, and its changes, have already become climate deniers.

Hence, some scientists have already labeled the climate debate as today’s new religion (eg, Richard Lindzen, Richard Tol), while (“atheist scientist”) Lord May of Oxford claimed (in 2009) that “the world may have to turn to God to save itself from climate change“.

Religion is a man-made institute that is often fear-based, while faith is based on hope and love. Hence, Mahatma Gandhi concluded: “God has no religion“. Religion and closed-mindedness have a clear correlation. Open-mindedness is usually not supported in any religion.

The climate (change) debate is also driven by fear (over human survival). Fear is an excellent tool for manipulation of the human mind. Ultimately, the climate debate is about (political) Power, and not about Love (for the planet) or Knowledge (my blogs on Love-Knowledge-Power).

It’s interesting that the climate change debate coincides with a third wave in politics: (1) Capitalism (until 1900), (2) Socialism (1900-2000), and (3) the Greens (2000 onwards). See my 28 February blog on these 3 main political waves.

The combination of closed mindedness, arrogance and ignorance in the climate debate is toxic. Most likely, billions or trillions of financial funds will be misallocated by governments. Interestingly, the resulting tax increases are already causing voter protests (yesterday’s blog).

It’s tempting to argue “where arrogance and ignorance are bliss, it is foolish to be wise”, a paraphrase of the last two lines in Thomas Gray‘s 1742 poem Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College. I will keep challenging people’s minds with my blogs however.

Arrogance Ignorance and Greed (2009) by Show of Hands

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