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What powers Willpower?

Would you be able to explain what willpower is? The American Psychological Association states the following: “Many people believe they could improve their lives if only they had more of that mysterious thing called willpower” (APA). Note LO: italic markings are mine.

Despite my several blogs on the topic of willpower, I still cannot describe it beyond being an executional or operational level of the human mind. I think, feel and believe that willpower is empowered (sic!) by our beliefs (including my concept of the 7 Belief systems), which could be considered the strategic level.

Any organisation’s strategy is usually derived from their mission statement. Humans also have a certain mission in their life: either help other people (ie, do good) – or use and abuse other people for one’s own benefit (ie, wicked). For the purposes of this blog, I call this good faith versus bad faith. The word faith does not necessarily have a religious connotation. 

The above translates in a new diagram, which is a slight adaptation of a diagram in my 2017 blog.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of basic goals (rather than needs) is the centerpiece of my diagram. It is supported by the Space/Time dimension and my concept(s) of Needs, Wants, Beliefs and Awakening.

My 2017 blog matches Maslow’s goals with the various stages in human life: Needs, Wants, Beliefs and Awakening, which matches Maslow’s final goal of self-transcendence or spirituality.

Faith – whether good or bad – is an even more mysterious concept than willpower. I visualise faith as an eternal, invisible and universal energy source, somewhat similar to (man-made) electricity. In this view, Energy is a dimension, like SpaceTime in physics. In my view, the Soul is the receiving point of this Energy – whether positive (good) or negative (bad).

The Body, Mind & Soul concept (my blogs) would have easily fitted in the above diagram, although I chose not to incorporate it. My diagram would not have benefited from the additional layer of complexity. Maslow’s goals are in our Mind. Our Body executes Willpower. The human Soul determines our mission / path in life: good or wicked, including the many shades of grey.

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