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Would you let your boss microchip you? (Telegraph)

3 December 2018


Telegraph title: Would you let your boss microchip you?

Telegraph subtitle: Good morning. Companies in the UK could soon start offering employees microchips embedded in their skin instead of security passes.

“Imagine it is your first day of work. Having sat through the tedious HR briefings, you are ready to get your access pass and get on with the rest of your day. Except, rather than handing over a mugshot on a printed card, the HR manager sweetly asks you hold out of the palm of your hand – presenting a mean-looking piercing gun.

This could be the future that awaits hundreds of thousands of workers in the UKand around the world. Major companies are considering microchipping their staff, according to Swedish start-up Biohax.

Using a relatively painless process, companies would chip their employees in the fleshy skin between thumb and forefinger for security reasons or to replace functions like company cash cards.


Biohacking has been around for a couple of years now. In fact, one of the Telegraph’s tech team in another life has been microchipped herself, for journalism of course.

Biohax told the Telegraph at least one major audit company was considering microchipping its employees. The chips, similar to those used on pets, would allow staff to access secure files and be extra hard to hack – since they are buried skin deep.

It has already started to take off in other countries. Around 85 of travel company Tui’s 500 staffare microchipped.


In future, biohacking start-ups believe everything from paying for your morning coffee to scanning in at the airport could be done through an implanted microchip.

Dystopian as it may seem, 4,000 people in Swedenare already said to have their own microchips.

Biohax says interest in the UK has been so significant the company plans to open a branch in London. But with huge questions over privacy, the convenience and novelty of a personal chip will be a hard sell to most employees – for the time being at least.”






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