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Sumerian King List and Genesis

Nowadays, people are skeptical about many things, and especially about the Book of Genesis from the Old Testament. A comparison between Politics (Sumerian King List), Religion ((Hebrew) Bible), and Science (eg, post-glacial sea level rise, archeological finds) reveals similarities which hardly can be considered a “coincidence“.

A 1972 book by Thomas C. Hartman of the University of Wisconsin (“Some thoughts on the Sumerian King list and Genesis 5 and 11B“) stated the following:

“In recent years the number of studies comparing the early chapters of Genesis with materials from various ancient civilizations – Mesopotamia in particular – has proliferated“.

I found this quote as I noticed similarities between ancient events in Politics, Religion and Science (3 out of the 7 Belief systems).

The Great Flood (my 2016 blog) is mentioned in the Sumerian King List, in Genesis 6 to 8, and occurred according to scientists from about 18000 to 5000 BC.

Other remarkable similarities are: extreme pre-flood longevity, maximum post-flood lifespan of about 120 years.

It’s intriguing that all of our prophets have descended from royal Sumerian ancestry, including Jesus and Muhammad (my 2017 blog).

Wiki: “The term Sumerian is the common name given [by the] Akkadians. The Sumerians referred to themselves as [] “the black-headed people“, and to their land as [the] “place of the noble lords”. Note: bold marking by LO.

My continued guess is that the Sumerian people originated from northern Africa. Extreme climate change – due to Earth’s wobble – turned the once Green Sahara into the Sahara desert and forced the Sumerian people to relocate (eg, NaturePhys, UA). A 4,000 year old harbour, discovered in an Iraqi desert near the city of Ur, proves that the Sumerian people were already skilled sailors (Haaretz) and traders with Egypt, India, Oman and Persia (eg, Khan,Wiki).

The Sumerian trade connections also provide an interesting perspective to the unknown years of Jesus and the various (Indian) claims that (royal SumerianJesus visited India (various books).

Last but not least, the scientific notion that there were no advanced pre-flood civilizations (ie, before 4000 BC), will once proven to be false. To some extent, secrets are buried in the Sahara desert (example). The “whitewashing” of Western history will then end (my 2017 blog).

Follow You Follow Me (1978) by Genesis

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Note: all markings (bolditalicunderlining) by LO unless stated otherwise


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