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The 45th President and a new Moscow on the Hudson

3 August 2018


A recent Big Think article reminded me of my 24 March 2015 blog: A new Moscow on the Hudson. The 2016 election of the 45th President of the USA has accelerated the expectations that I expressed in that blog: destabilization, crisis and normalization.

I have written several blogs on the 45th President’s Revolution of disruption, chaos and destruction (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Initially, I assumed Trump’s Revolution of disruption, chaos and destruction was (only) about undoing the legacy of the 44th President. I failed to see the End Game despite the title of my own blogs (ie, revolution).

The Big Think article is about a 1984 interview by G. Edward Griffin with Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a former KGB agent who defected to Canada in 1970 (entire video, excerpt). In this interview, Yuri Bezmenov mentions “the 4 stages of conquest of a nation by Communism from within”: (1) demoralization, (2) destabilization, (3) crisis, and (4) normalization.

Suddenly, I realised that the 45th President is the connection between my 2015 blog and the 2018 Big Think article. I agree with G. Edward Griffin (see excerpt) that the 45th President’s Revolution of disruption, chaos and destruction appears similar to stage 3: crisis. Hence, the meetings between the presidents of Russia and USA are part of stage 4: normalization.

I suppose that demoralization (stage 1) started after the American wars in Korea (1950-1953) and especially Vietnam (1955-1975). I suppose that destabilization (stage 2) is described in the TV series The Americans, “an American period spy thriller television series [] set in the early 1980s during the Cold War“.

Big Think: “In 1984, Bezmenov gave an interview to G. Edward Griffin from which much can be learned today. His most chilling point was that there’s a long-term plan put in play by Russia to defeat America through psychological warfare and “demoralization”. It’s a long game that takes decades to achieve but it may already be bearing fruit.” Note LO: italic markings by me.

The 45th President’s removal from office (a when, not an if) will further increase the current (constitutional) crisis. Subsequently, Trump’s removal will further destabilize and demoralize the USA. His removal will not change the normalization process because U.S. fundamentals are unsustainable (eg, extreme inequality and extreme poverty). 

The success of Bernie Sanders (1941) and – especially – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (1989) are early indicators of a new Moscow on the Hudson. Overturning the ancient and overdue U.S. Electoral College presidential voting system by proportional representation, would further accelerate this normalization process. 

The irony of U.S. normalization (stage 4) is that the arrogant Left are much less likely to be friends with Russia than the ignorant Right (my blog #1, my blog #2).

And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (2008) by Jennifer Hudson

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