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Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

31 August 2018



For several months, I’ve been wondering whether to cancel my Netflix subscription. I’m getting a little bored with Netflix. Its supply is ginormous but finding pearls is (very) difficult. Moreover, Netflix content ratings are rather unreliable compared to IMDb. Unfortunately, Netflix algorithms often suggest content beyond my scope of interest.

The solution is simple: (i) decimate Netflix supply, (ii) use IMDb ratings for publishing Netflix content, (iii) expand / improve the Netflix browsing function rather than using “secret” genre codes, and (iv) use channels to separate content (eg, children, documentaries). The Netflix “one size fits all” approach is counterproductive given its ginormous content.

I do realise that the Netflix subscription fee more or less equals going to the movies once a month. However, for most new Netflix content, I would not have paid and/or visited a movie theatre. Occasionally, new Netflix content warrants its monthly subscription fee. I am looking forward to watching another Marvel film on Netflix: Black Panther.

Last Monday, I noticed an interesting offer from Amazon Prime Video: 30 days for free, then a 1 month membership fee of 3.99 euro, and afterwards a recurring monthly membership fee of 5.99 euro. This is significantly lower than the monthly Netflix HD subscription fee of 10.99 euro. Since Monday, I’ve been watching Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video has 3 internet speed settings. The best one appears to offer HD quality. Amazon appears to have slightly more “buffering” issues than Netflix. Buffering is a technical term for reading content ahead of showing content. Buffering usually solves temporary internet speed issues.

Browsing on Amazon Prime Video mirrors the default browsing functionality on TV’s (eg, TED Talks, YouTube) and thus offers even less functionality than Netflix. Fortunately, the current Amazon content is just a fraction of the ginormous Netflix content. I did not notice mediocre Amazon content unlike on Netflix. Most Amazon content appears to be popular within its genre.

As of 31 August 2018, Amazon Prime Video will show Jack Ryan, the fictional character in the so-called Ryanverse. I probably have all of these Tom Clancy novels as he is one of my favourite writers. Several Jack Ryan films were blockbuster movie hits. I must admit that this is the primary reason why I signed up for Amazon Prime Video.

In 2019, Disney will start competing with the streaming video platforms of Amazon and Netflix. All Marvel, Modern Family, Pixar, Star Wars, and X-Men content will then move from Netflix to Disney. Forbes, 14 December 2017: “Unlike its competitors, Disney has a fount of proven assets from Star Wars to Pixar that people want to watch.”

I am inclined to agree with a June 2017 Forbes article: “Television Is Dead? Here’s How Digital Streaming Is Actually Making It More Relevant”.

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