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Decoupling of Business and Politics (3)

My March 16 and June 28 blogs on the decoupling of Business and Politics made me wonder about similar events in history. A decoupling of 2 Belief systems in the Power domain of the 7 Belief systems is highly unusual as both have a (strong) symbiotic relationship.

Recent examples of a decoupling of Money (eg, business, finance) and Politics include:

Both the UK and USA have a deeply divided population with a near 50/50 outcome on key issues like Brexit and Trump’s election as 45th President. These deep divisions are all about the 7 Belief systems: Love (eg, LGBT), Money (eg, inequality, poverty), Philosophy (eg, independence, supremacy), Politics (eg, Nationalism), Religion (eg, Islam), Science (eg, climate change), and the Truth (eg, what is – and who tells – fake news).

For (very) many centuries, the Power domain within the 7 Belief systems has been represented by 3 Belief systems: Money, Politics and Religion. Within the Power domain, Religion is already slowly being replaced by Technology. Technology is a derivative of Science from the Knowledge domain. See my 2018 blog on this (paradigm) shift.

A decoupling of Money (eg, business, finance) and Politics would be another paradigm shift. The symbiotic relationship between Money and Politics works like this: Politics needs Money to sustain; Money needs a Winner to thrive. Money supports Power and follows its shifts. A decoupling between Money and Politics must thus be a forewarning.

The causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire are intriguing: (i) Antagonism between the Senate and the Emperor, (ii) Heavy Military Spending, (iii) Barbarian Knowledge of Roman Military Tactics, (iv) a Government constantly threatened by bankruptcy, (v) Unemployment of the Working Classes, (vi) Decline in Ethics and Values. Hence, Rome’s enemies became stronger and stronger.

To paraphrase the similarities between the Roman Empire and the USA: (i) deep divisions -or antagonism – in beliefs between the population and its politicians, (ii) heavy military spending, (iii) economic and military IP theft by frenemies, (iv) record annual deficits and record national debt, (v) extreme poverty for the working class, (vi) moral decency (eg, child separation policy).

Americans love to see the European Union as one (1) – and a failing – State (my blog). They forget that the EU is a project (my blog), run by 28 European countries (speaking 24 languages) with common and diverging interests (eg, migrants, trade). Perhaps, the EU may indeed need to go back to its core (free trade), which would indeed be a failure in its other aspects.

Recently, the frontman of the American “industrial rock” band Nine Inch Nails made a striking comment: “I think you’re seeing the fall of the empire of America in real time, before your eyes” (Guardian, 2018). American historian Alfred W. McCoy has a similar view in his 2017 book.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972) by David Bowie

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