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Yah Work

31 December 2017


Jah Work (1997) by Ben Harper

artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Tell me do you really know

your brother man

cause a heart speaks louder

than a color can

and why would you even

shake a man’s hand

if you’re not going

to help him stand

Jah work

Jah work

Jah work is never done

Every man’s actions

belong to he

if prepared for thereafter

to each his destiny

some people believe

and some people know

some people deceive

and some people show

Jah work

Jah work

Jah work is never done

You must do the heaviest

so many shall do none

you have got to stand firm

so many shall run

some they rest their head at night

some get no sleep at all

if you listen close to what you see

you will hear the call


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