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Brother to Brother

9 December 2017


Brother to Brother (1978) by Gino Vannelli – artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Brother to brother

Now we must join our hearts and hands

Yeah, if we love one another

We hold the key to the promised land

Think of all that we’ve been through

The shucks and jives and royal blues

Let us pray our time will come

When this world will live as one

Brother to brother

Now don’t let the devil get you down

Oh ’cause it’s bread and it’s butter

That makes this whole damn world

Go round and round

Do you know where we went wrong

Tell me why the lines are drawn?

And let us break our bound’ries down

And live our lives on common ground

Oh mothers and fathers

Where will tomorrow’s children be?

Oh brother, my brother

Let us live our lives in peace

Brother to brother

Brother to brother


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