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Im Nin’alu

19 November 2017



If there be no mercy left in the world,

The doors of heaven will never be barred.

The Creator reigns supreme, and is higher than the angels

All, in His spirit, will rise

By His nearness, His life-giving breath flows through them.

And they glory in His name

From the moment of genesis, 

His creations grow,

Captivating and more beautiful.

The wheel in his circle thunders

Acclaiming His Holy name

Clothed in the glory of His radiance,

The six-winged cherubs surround Him,

Whirling in His honor

And with their free wings sweetly sing,

Together, in unison

Im Nin’alu (1978) by Ofra Haza – artist, lyrics, lyrics-2, lyrics-3video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Notes: The above translation by Keren Barak appears on Ofra Haza‘s 1984 album Yemenite Songs. In USA, this album was renamed into: 50 Gates of Wisdom (Yemenite Songs). “The Fifty Gates of Wisdom are an essential concept found in the Hebrew Scriptures and in the Jewish Qabalah” (source).


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