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The Calm Before the Storm

7 October 2017


Walking nowhere fast, 

this shadow follows me reminds me of the past. 

I take a different road, a road that leads to you all broken and abused. 

There’s need to make it right, it seems so out of sight. 

Hope is leaving, you are sad and I feel for you, I am here for you. 

Can you feel the wind blow. 

Take off and see it how it is, the bird’s eye view. 

He knows just what and how it is, I know you want to. 

If time is holding back the truth, then why not us? 

See the gap that’s where we’ll stand, I promise you it’s a hard thing to do.

The Calm Before the Storm (a.k.a. Take Off) by Skyview (2011)

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Note LO: lyrics kindly provided to me by Evan Smith of the band Skyview.

YouTube note by Skyview: “On the album the actual song title is not “The Calm Before the Storm”, it is called, “Take Off”. This film does not cover the second verse of this song nor the actual ending.”


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