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Life’s a roundabout

In 1981, I finally decided to get a driver’s license. During one of my first trips as a proud car owner, I came across a roundabout. Panic hit me when I approached it. There had been no roundabouts in the region where I had taken my driving lessons. I had the good sense of following the cars in front of me. It took me several circles before I dared to exit the roundabout.

In the past several years, my entire life felt like driving on a roundabout. I had no clue which exit I should take. Hence, I drove around in circles, waiting and hoping for the “right” exit to show up. This drowning feeling wasn’t pretty. Before, I had always known which exit to take and when.

I noticed several pictures expressing a similar feeling: so lost, please help, no departure road, and no exits. I took this picture because it expresses the feeling of drowning, while also offering some advice.

Since some time, I have taken an exit in Life, which I had seen before but didn’t dare to take. Today, it feels like the right exit. Tomorrow, I may change course and take another exit, which I had wanted to take before but which I never saw.

Any roundabout in Life always has exits. None or few may feel right, and many may feel wrong. That observation does not imply that they do not exist. We prefer to take convenient exits.

It’s hard to swallow an inconvenient truth in our lives. Perhaps because a truth is a belief and thus part of the 7 Belief systems (Love, Money, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science and the Truth). A (new) truth requires Faith, Beliefs & Willpower (my blogs). Willpower is about carrying out beliefs. However, any willpower is short-lived without faith in your beliefs.

Another reason is about Change: we often prefer to procrastinate on an inconvenient truth. Also see my blog on Why do we procrastinate? While waiting, we hope for more convenient exits on our life’s roundabout.

An inconvenient truth may also bring the emotional rollercoaster of Guilt & Shame (my blogs), Regret & Remorse (my blogs), and in some cases even Revenge & Retaliation (my blogs).

Finally, our Mind will always try finding any other excuse for avoiding inconvenient truths. Our Body will usually suffer from our procrastination. Deep down, our Soul knows what is best.

Life’s A Roundabout (1973) by Diahann Carroll (1935-2019)
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