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The 45th President and the What-If question

23 September 2017


Suppose that Trump gets re-elected and serves the full 8 years until 2025. This scenario is what Michael Moore is painting to Americans. Michael Moore: “He’ll never be indicted for that, because it’s one person’s word against the other. There’s no witness, and there’s no tape. Because he is an evil genius. And he’s such a malignant narcissist that he’ll never resign or take the fall for his kids or his close friends or associates.” (Vulture)

Suppose that Michael Moore is wrong, the 2016 election results are annulled, and Hillary Clinton becomes President after all. She is already dreaming about this scenario. In a recent NPR interview she “wouldn’t rule out” “questioning the legitimacy of this election if we learn that the Russian interference in the election is even deeper than we know now” (CNN, NPR).

I suppose that the Republican Party will prefer anyone of their own above Mrs Clinton. I’m not sure whom I would prefer right now: Trump or Clinton. Trump is a compulsive liar who uses reverse psychology and projection. In a way, you just need to change his words by 180 degrees to know “the truth”. I’m not sure what Mrs Clinton thinks, feels or believes. Her reflection on her failed bid for the Presidency still lacks accountability and responsibility. Blaming others is too easy.

On 11 May 2017, Patribotics reported that Republican Senator Orrin Hatch would become the new U.S. President given “evidence that exists against multiple men in the line of succession to the US Presidency”. On 13 May 2017, Patribotics reported exclusively that “several sources familiar with the matter say that Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah is being given security briefings to prepare him for the Presidency“. Early September, Palmer Report also reported on President Orrin Hatch. Mainstream media just call this a “rumour” (CNN).

You better keep on dreaming than expecting Hatch to take a stand against Trump. Orrin Hatch: “To ascribe racism to the president which some people are trying to do is not only hitting below the belt it’s vicious stuff. He’s done a lot to try and help quell racism in this country.” Hatch added that Trump “doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.” (Washington Examiner)

Only 2 people had the public nerve to predict that Donald Trump would become the 45 President: political historian Allan Lichtman and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. Lichtman “is well-known for predicting every presidential winner in the United States Presidential Election since 1984, including forecasting the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election remarkably early” (Wiki). “In 2005, Time magazine named Moore one of the world’s 100 most influential people” (Wiki).

Michael Moore’s new prediction makes sense, if only because the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election is not taken serious by the US government. It’s hard to separate the 2017 hack in consumer credit reporting agency Equifax from earlier database hacks and/or leaks (eg, Deep Root AnalyticsDNC, OPM, state and local election databases).

I suppose that What-If questions (my 2016 blog) are for dreamers.

Dreamer (1974) by Roger Hodgson, former lead singer of Supertramp

artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1Wiki-2, Wiki-3

Dreamer, you stupid little dreamer

So now you put your head in your hands, oh no!



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