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The 4 levels of Consciousness – an integrated framework

For several days, I have been struggling in my mind to integrate the 4 levels of Consciousness (Wiki) in one overall diagram, together with some other – related – concepts. My diagram uses the Space & Time dimension as the main classification, and a sub classification (eg, known knowns) by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

The diagram integrates the human intelligence classifications (eg, awareness, consciousness). Finally, I have integrated my own concept of the 7 Belief systems: Money, Politics, and Religion (in the Power domain), and Philosophy, Science and the Truth (in the Knowledge domain) and Love, the independent 7th Belief system.

The 4th level of consciousness, Superconscious, has been classified in the “unknown unknowns” category. The name “Limitless” refers to the 2011 sci-fi movie Limitless (IMDb). This movie may give you an idea about being beyond the Space and Time dimensions.

I do believe that a picture can say more than 1,000 words. This diagram has – once again – structured my thoughts and allows me to move on. Feel free to share it. I’m proud of it.

Thinking Of A Place (2017) by The War On Drugs – artists, lyrics, video, Wiki


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