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Netflix gems

17 August 2017


Below I have put a list of some openly hidden Netflix gems. Most of them are hardly mentioned in mainstream recommendations.


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (8.4 in IMDb, Wiki) is about a female detective operating in Melbourne during the Roaring Twenties. Each episode deals with a part of human history which is refreshing to know about. The female character is strong and the male characters are mostly sidekicks. Unlike its fearful title suggests, most episodes are fun to watch.

Rake (8.7 in IMDb, Wiki) is about a colourful criminal defense lawyer operating in Sydney. This TV series is highly entertaining, partly because of the absurdness of his clients’ cases, and partly because of the likeable weirdness of the main character. The use of Australian local politics as a background tool, strengthens the overall story.


Rita (8.2 in IMDb, Wiki) is a hilarious comedy about a rebellious divorced high school teacher, who also tries to raise her own children. Rita does whatever she wants, when she wants it, and with whom she wants it. The other teachers are interesting sidekicks and may remind you of your past. Forget about watching the spin-off called Hjørdis (7.3 in IMDb).


DAG (8.6 in IMDB, Wiki) is a hilarious comedy about a relationship counselor in Oslo. Dag’s advice to his clients is unorthodox because he believes in solitude himself – and in Elvis. Dag is like a rock amongst his funny weird sidekicks. However, even rocks have meltdowns.

Lilyhammer (8.0 in IMDbWiki) is about an American mafia member hiding in Norway through an FBI witness protection programme. The show is absolutely hilarious because his American attitude often collides with Norwegian attitudes. The main character is played and co-written by Steven van Zandt, who is also known as the guitarist Little Steven in Bruce Springsteen‘s E-Street Band. Several cameo appearances, including Bruce Springsteen.


Grace and Frankie (8.2 in IMDb, Wiki) is a hilarious comedy about life starting at 70. The 1st episode may not feel as comedy given what happens: 2 divorces and a belated coming-out of both husbands. Grace and Frankie is one of the finest American comedies.

Jane the Virgin (7.8 in IMDb, Wiki) is a hilarious telenovela inside another telenovela. The show is partly in Spanish, mostly in English, and guided by a funny narrator. Season 2 was, however, too much for me.


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