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Levels of consciousness (2) – unconscious

Consciousness has 4 main states: conscious, unconscious, subconscious and superconscious. Yesterday’s blog was about the most common state: being conscious. Its related brain activity is thinking. Another familiar state is being unconscious (eg, sleeping). Its most common related brain activity is dreaming. There are also some other unconscious activities.

Carl Jung separates the personal unconscious from the collective unconscious

Personal unconsciousness is limited in Time and has two states: (1) temporary forgotten information and repressed memories, and (2) dreams. The 1st state often results in human “complexes“. 

The Space dimension is different between both states of personal unconsciousness because the locations in #1 are limited, while the locations in #2 (dreams) are (potentially) unlimited.

The collective unconscious is unlimited in both Space and Time. 

Carl Jung did not offer a solution for the box in the left bottom corner: unlimited Time and limited Space. This empty box puzzled me for a while. 

The ancient Sumerian beliefs do, however, offer a solution that fits (1) the unconscious part of our brain and (ii) fits the Time and Space dimensions

According to ancient Sumerian beliefs the (divine) Soul (zaqiqu) can travel during the human sleep (limited Time, unlimited Space). After our demise, the (divine) Soul leaves the body and continues its existence (unlimited Time, unlimited Space). In some cases, the (bodily) spirit (etemmu) continues living as a ghost (unlimited Time, limited Space).

The ancient Sumerian beliefs on the departing (divine) Soul, and Carl Jung‘s collective unconscious match in a beautiful way. The collective unconscious might be equal to the collection of all Souls of all persons whom ever existed. Moreover, scientists claim that information is never lost in the Universe (eg, Quora), and even despite the existence of black holes (eg, BBC).

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