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After one incident at a London mosque, the meaning of Islamophobia suddenly changed from Phobia – or Fear – into Hate. Muslims were also quick to judge non-Muslims for their hatred towards Islam and Muslims. Suddenly, Muslims are the real victims of Hate rather than Western citizens. A classic case of reverse psychology and projection by people in a victim role.

The Western fear over Islamic terrorism will not change by redefining a word. Fear could indeed turn into Anger. Anger could indeed turn into Hate. Hate could turn into violence. This Islamic “violence” has been directed at many Western societies and its citizens. Some Western governments have been more successful in preventing Islamic terrorism than others.

The severe inequality in Anglo-American societies will keep triggering the sequence Fear-Anger-Hate-Violence, and at both sides of the aisle. Inequality is an eternal source of radicalisation, whether Black Lives Matter, Islamic terrorism, or White Supremacy. To them, there’s no reason to assist authorities in their law-enforcement efforts as the Law is deemed biased and unfair.

The UK PM’s redefining of Islamophobia will further enrage the people who already fear Islam. Some newspapers had difficulty in labelling the perpetrator (eg, CNN, After so many tragic incidents of Islamic terrorism, some people may – wrongly – see a white perpetrator as a vigilante. Allegedly, the perpetrator did so himself (Telegraph). However, a neighbour stated: “He’s always been a complete cunt but this is really surprising.”

Redefining IslamoPhobia into IslamHate is dangerous as it may help triggering Anger towards politicians and news media, subsequently to Islam, and ultimately towards any Muslim. Denying the legitimacy of Western citizens’ fear over Islam and Islamic terrorism, is plain wrong.

The UK Muslims assume a victim role in which they deny any accountability or responsibility over Islamic terrorism towards non-Muslims. After one opposite incident, they accuse non-Muslims of hatred towards Islam. UK politicians were quick to assume accountability and responsibility for this “white hate” incident (Guardian). A sad case of political correctness.

Muslims must accept accountability and responsibility for Islamic terrorism, must denounce it, and must actively help authorities in preventing new acts of Islamic terrorism. Why? Simply because it’s in their self-interest. A continued Muslim victim role is likely to flip Western Fear into Anger, Anger into Hate, and Hate into (more) violence.

On 11 June 2017, the Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen wrote an op-ed in Politico: “Muslims’ unique responsibility to fight terror”. Gülen: “Across the world, Muslims need to strengthen the immune system of our communities, especially our youth, against violent extremism. We must ask: How did our communities become grounds for terrorist recruitment? Yes, external factors must be addressed, but we must also look within.”

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