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Minority Privilege

16 May 2017


There’s a weird discussion in my country. I write about it as this discussion may spread outside The Netherlands. Essentially, a black writer claims that white people should not interview black people as they don’t understand each other. A white writer referred to this as “Black Privilege”: black people may criticise anything white, without ever being labelled as racist.

Such (extreme) opinions are (extreme) minority views, firmly rooted in (extreme) victim roles. The more extreme an opinion, the more likely it gets heard. Such (extreme) opinions are polarising society which might well be their underlying intention. The word Black Privilege is however misplaced and should be replaced by Minority Privilege.

Extreme minority views, whether black or white, leftwing or rightwing, nationalist or globalist, are using all means to dictate minority views onto society. In several countries, this already has a label: the dictatorship of the minority. The most popular means is the court system as their verdicts are mandatory dictates onto society.

Mid 2015, a Dutch court ruled in favour of climate activists and forced the Dutch government to mitigate greenhouse gases (eg, NLTimesTrouw, Urgenda). The Dutch government appealed. In another 2017 Dutch court case, the judge refused to rule in a political process (eg, VK). The courts may finally realise that they’re being (ab)used for political goals.

On 10 May 2017, a new Dutch court case emerged: a black person asks a Dutch court to forbid companies and TV to use “Black Pete”, a symbol in the Dutch Santa Claus tradition (eg, Trouw). I can only wonder what will be next: Easter bunnies or eggs, Christmas trees, Religion?? Perceived disrespect for minorities is answered by grotesque disrespect for majorities.

Most likely, this person will soon receive death threats which he will then use as an argument for the validity of his (legal) claim. Receiving death threats is the new normal. If you don’t receive them then you clearly haven’t been “heard” by society. Obviously, extreme opinions invoke extreme responses (e.g., Galileo Galilei in 1615).

Unfortunately, every person is a minority when you start zooming into his/her life. Yes, I do belong to a white majority but I also belong to several, more detailed, minorities (e.g., divorce, parental alienation, unemployment, no welfare). I could be screaming about my victim roles. First and foremost, you must feel a victim which I do not. I am a survivor.

Assuming a victim role is dangerous, mostly to your own wellbeing and partly also to society. People in a victim role lack happiness in their own life and compensate this by interfering into other people’s lives. They often use a strategy of Reverse Psychology and Projection. Making others feel miserable is how they cope with feeling miserable themselves. Their negativity sucks the happiness of others. Avoiding negative people is paramount.

Politicians in a victim role are more dangerous to society than to themselves. The Turkish President feels the victim of many foreign and domestic threats (eg, link 1, link 2). His own paranoia has now affected Turkish society like a virus in which few trust each other (eg, Guardian, HuffPost). Turkey’s potential death penalty referendum casts doom over the fate of tens of thousands of opponents that were imprisoned since the 2016 Turkish coup attempt.

The bitter irony is that a Minority Privilege behaves similar as the Dictatorship of the Majority: “A situation [] without regard for the rights or welfare of the rest of its subjects.”

Minority (2000) by Green Day – artists, FBlyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

I want to be the minority

I don’t need your authority

Down with the moral majority

‘Cause I want to be the minority


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