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Dimensions: Space, Time and assumed others

Last Monday, I had a remarkable conversation. A friend doubted that I believed in the 4th dimension. That immediately raised my curiosity and suspicion. Hence, I asked her: What is the 3rd one? The writer of that book saw Past, Present and Future as separate dimensions. I told her to read better books. She replied by asking me to write a blog on dimensions.

Originally, dimensions were: 1 (a line), 2 (length and width) or 3 (length, width, depth). Definitions have emerged since. The aforementioned dimensions now belong to the dimension of Space. I suppose that Space was the earliest dimension known to humans (eg, cave art).

More advanced humans must have realised that there is yesterday, today and tomorrow. Albert Einstein‘s theory of general relativity treats time as a dimension similar to the 3 original spatial dimensions (Wiki). While humans can travel in Space, travel in Time remains a scientific debate.

Time and Space are the only known dimensions to humans. Nevertheless, many humans assume that there are more dimensions than Time & Space.

A 3rd dimension is the concept of a parallel universe – or Multiverse – which is ingrained in our society. The religious concepts of Heaven and Hell could be seen as examples of a Multiverse. Harry Potter’s wizard world is another example. There are scientists supporting and disclaiming the hypotheses of a Multiverse. On 15 April 2017, researchers at Durham University believe they may have discovered the first evidence of the “multiverse” (arXiv, DurhamGuardian, RAS).

Another friend told me a story that she and her boyfriend were driving on the highway to a certain destination. They suddenly arrived at a small village, without realising how. The people in the village were shocked to see them arriving. My friend turned the car and left. They somehow found the highway again, without knowing how.

The next day they tried to find back that village but couldn’t as if it had never existed. The idea of portals – or gates – to another dimension has been used in movies like Stargate (1994, IMDb), John Carter (2012, IMDb), and Harry Potter (eg, portkey). Some scientists claim that black holes could be portals to a parallel universe (eg, ExpressNew Scientist).

The white light in near-death experiences may constitute a 4th dimension. Sumerian religion assumes that the divine human soul travels during our sleep and after our death. Sumerian religion and people with near-death experiences are all positive about that dimension.

Light might be a 5th dimension. Stephen Hawking claims that the light surrounding black holes stores information (eg, BBC). The idea of light storing information is less weird than you might think as fiber-optic cables use light to transport information.

Last but not least, the string theory assumes many extra dimensions apart from Space and Time and its combination SpaceTime.

Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In (1969) by The 5th Dimension
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