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The 45th President – Ladies and gentlemen, we got him!

17 April 2017


On 13 December 2003, America’s chief administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, proudly reported to the press: “Ladies and gentlemen, We Got Him!” Back then it referred to the capture of Saddam Hussein. This time, it’s less likely that the US will report that the 45th President is “in the pocket“.

A friend and former co-worker sent me the 13 April 2017 Palmer Report: “Intel sources: first big arrests in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal could come next week”. This report claims that “Reliable sources, who have proven themselves correct in the past, are now pointing to U.S. intel agencies working with the Attorney General of New York to begin imminently dismantling Trump’s inner circle. In fact the big major arrests may come as soon as next week.”

On 7 April 2017, the head of Russia’s upper house of parliament defence committee “said on social media that the prospective US-Russian anti-terror coalition has been “put to rest without even being born.” Mr Kosachev added that “it’s a pity,” suggesting that Trump had been pressured to act by the Pentagon.” (eg, Telegraph)

Several media are wondering “what’s really behind Trump’s recent flip flops (WP)“. These flip flops really started with Steve Bannon’s sudden and unexpected removal from the National Security Council on April 5. Some two months earlier, on 28 January 2017, Steve Bannon had been appointed to the NSC. Subsequently, Bannon ousted “the country’s most senior intelligence and military officials as regular members of the Principals Committee”. They have now returned.

On 9 April 2017, Kathleen McFarland, an appointment of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, was suddenly ousted as deputy national security advisor. Then, within several days other key flips flops happened, like NATO is no longer obsolete, China is no longer a currency manipulator, and the federal hiring freeze was lifted. Sources: CNN, NYT, Politico, WP.

The 13 April 2017 Palmer Report could indeed explain the above. The 45th President is no longer in the driving seat, as was already suggested by Russia. In that case, Trump has few options left: resign, be impeached, or play along. The timing of the 18 April 2017 release of Allan Lichtman‘s book “The Case for Impeachment” is remarkable (eg, Amazon, CNN, HC, Politico, TIME, WP).

TIME: “His new book, The Case for Impeachment, outlines eight possible reasons to impeach Trump, including his business-related conflicts of interest, his team’s connections to Russia and his involvement in previous legal disputes, such as lawsuits against Trump University.”

Lichtman: “I think the Russian connection would be the most likely source of impeachment. There sure is a lot of smoke. And my own suspicion is there’s some kind of fire that’s producing this smoke. Whether it’s serious enough to warrant impeachment, we don’t know yet.”

When the “big major arrests” within the Trump inner circle would happen in the next week(s), then Trump’s flip flops – and Allan Lichtman’s prediction – would finally make sense.

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