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The 45th President and America at war First

12 April 2017


Why did the 45th President fire missiles at a Syrian air force base? He promised he would put America first. In 2013, he publicly criticised his predecessor for considering using force against Syria. He ordered the attack over dinner and humiliated his guest, the Chinese President, in front of the world. Trump didn’t ask Congressional approval unlike his predecessor. Trump didn’t wait for conclusive evidence on the culprits. So, why??

In my initial version of this blog, I focused on the Trump-Bannon Revolution of Disruption, Chaos & Destruction. Quite some people blame Trump’s notorious habit for creating distraction from other items (e.g., his low approval ratings, RussiaGate). Some Americans even saw a conspiracy theory between Trump and Russia to attack that air force base (e.g., MSNBC). Russia initially suggested that the Pentagon had pressured Trump into attacking Syria.

On 10 April 2017, the joint Iranian-Russian military command declaration was, however, clear: “What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.”  (Independent)

The Western response to Trump’s decision on attacking the Syrian air force base was positive while Trump himself is viewed as negative. Trump’s predecessor, Obama, was regarded as positive although his indecision to interfere in conflicts was viewed as negative. I think, feel and believe that this difference is important, and especially to Trump.

As always, the North Korean response was provocative: “Swaggering as a superpower, the US has been picking only on countries without nuclear weapons and the Trump administration is no exception. The US missile attack against Syria is a clear and intolerable act of aggression against a sovereign state and we strongly condemn it.” (Guardian)

On 9 April 2017, the US Foreign Secretary stated that Trump and the Chinese president “had extensive discussions around the dangerous situation in North Korea”. [] “I think there’s a shared view and no disagreement as to how dangerous the situation has become. And I think even  China  is beginning to recognise that this presents a threat to even to China’s interests as well.”

On 9 April 2017, the US Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group 1 left Singapore and is on its way to the Korean Peninsula. An American CSG is impressive compared to the single Russian frigate moving to the Mediterranean. No doubt, North Korea will see this CSG as an act of war. If North Korea fires its missiles at the CSG then Trump has no “choice” but to go to war.

For several reasons, a war is what Trump needs at home: (1) for being “loved” rather than ridiculed, (2) to unify the USA under his leadership, (3) to gain additional Power under Martial Law and bypass Congress, and (4) to restrict certain freedoms like independent press (Steve Bannon: “the media here is the opposition party” and it should “keep its mouth shut”).

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