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Kiss Kiss

9 April 2017


Şımarık a.k.a. Kiss Kiss (1997) by Tarkan

Şımarık (1997) by Tarkan – artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

She hangs from another’s man arm

She makes me look like a fool once more

She makes bubbles with her chewing gum

And bursts them noisily

only in the long version:

Maybe that’s why I’m so in love with her

She is hard to get

She makes fun of men, she’s spoilt

Has she turned the world upside down?

only in the long version:

She plucked her eyebrows,

Painted her eyes, her lips are flaming red

you won’t meet someone crazier than her,

She walks in front of me with a smile

That’s not the way we were raised,

She’s making us look like fools,

New customs have come to our town

Boys, we’re lost

You’ve really captivated us

You can even make a snake come out of its nest

And you’ve made me lose my head over you

If I could get you … … (kiss kiss!!!)

I’ve surrendered to your bosom, baby

I’ve visited your interior, baby

I’ve fallen for your warmth, baby

Have mercy


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