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Everybody is looking for something

The title of this blog came up in a conversation with a friend and felt like a potential blog topic. That something does not necessarily have to be a meaning or a purpose in life. It could just be something on the way thereto. Obviously, that something is not as mundane as your grocery shopping list or your car keys.

The something, which we are all looking for, appears to relate to the 7 Belief systems: Love (eg, soulmate), Money (eg, job), Philosophy (eg, meaning of life), Politics (eg, power), Religion (eg, God), Science (eg, dark matter) or the Truth (eg, UFO’s). Perhaps, I should amend the title of this blog to Everybody is looking for something to believe in.

My 1st thought is that this search for something relates to my 2nd concept “Needs, Wants & Beliefs“. The Eurythmics song below supports that view: “Everybody’s looking for something. Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused”.

The Needs stage in our life is in our childhood. We need caring (eg, drinking, eating, parental love) as we cannot take care of ourselves. As (young) adults we want to experience the many pleasures of life (hedonism) and also material items (consumerism). Our pursuit of happiness (blog 1, blog 2, blog 3) may bring instant satisfaction but usually only briefly. Emptiness is what remains. In this (spiritual) vacuum, (extreme) beliefs may emerge.

Satisfaction and happiness can go well together but usually only in the Needs and Beliefs phase. In the Wants phase, we typically want more because More = Better. Unfortunately, expectations and happiness have a negative causal relationship because of disappointments.

Essentially, the more you expect, the more likely you will be disappointed, and the more likely you will feel unhappy. The opposite is also true: the less you expect, the less likely you will be disappointed, and the more likely you will feel happy. Also see my 14 August 2015 blog on Expectations.

I’m not sure whether I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (lyricsvideo). I think, feel and believe that I have found Happiness (lyricsvideo). I have achieved everything that I once wanted. There are No Regrets (lyrics, video). If there is anything left then it’s probably Love: “I Still Believe that I can win your love” (lyrics, video).

To some extent, I’m still looking for the meaning of life and how to live a meaningful life. My “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” blog was – and still is – the answer to that search. Perhaps I am now looking to live my dreams. Writing my travel blogs brought back some Sweet Dreams that I had forgotten about.

Sweet Dreams (1983) by Eurythmics – artists, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Everybody’s looking for something

Some of them want to use you

Some of them want to get used by you

Some of them want to abuse you

Some of them want to be abused


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