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Arrogance of Left and Ignorance of Right

In my 12 April 2016 blog, I mentioned arrogance and ignorance in relation to the 7 Belief systems. I now realise that I overlooked something important. Arrogance and ignorance both oppose the Knowledge (Philosophy, Science, and the Truth) domain of the 7 Belief systems. Arrogance is about knowing better. Ignorance is about not knowing and not caring about it.

Given that Knowledge equals Power, arrogance and ignorance tend to choose for the Power (ie, Money, Politics, Religion) domain of the 7 Belief systems. Love, the independent 7th belief system and domain, would be another option. Arrogance fits well in Money, Politics and Religion while ignorance fits well in Politics and Religion.

For a long time, I was puzzled by the arrogance at Left (knowing better) and the ignorance (not knowing and not caring) at Right within Politics. In general, the Right blames the arrogance of the Left, while the Left blames the ignorance of the Right. It’s funny that both sides are correct.

By now, I should stress that the great Left-Right divide is something of the previous 2 centuries, being 1800-1999. Since 2000, there is a new great divide: Nationalism versus Internationalism (eg, EconomistGPF, my 2016 blogTED). Things are pretty confusing though as Nationalism is often called the Far Right despite its leftist agenda and funding by Russia (FT).

In this new great divide, the labels are similar. The anti arguments of Nationalism (eg, anti EU, anti globalism, anti immigrant, anti Islam, anti NATO) reveal ignorance. Similarly, the pro arguments of Internationalism (eg, pro EU, pro NATO, pro international trade, pro refugees) reveal arrogance. Essentially, arrogance and ignorance have chosen “new” sides.

These phenomena above are the main reason why I don’t make a choice between the arrogance of Left (then) and Internationalism (now) and the ignorance of Right (then) and Nationalism (now). Instead I go my own way, use the best of both worlds, and present my own solutions (eg, basic incomeclimate change vs starvationFederal Republic of Europefaith vs religionAustralian option for EU debt relief to GreeceSumerian civilisation).

I believe in Knowledge and in Power. Both sustain each other like Yin and Yang. Knowledge cannot survive without Power, and Power cannot survive without Knowledge. It’s easy to see this in human history, once you think about it (eg, Islamic Golden Age). Wisdom requires both sides to be in balance and in harmony: Knowledge = Power.

The U.S. situation is troublesome: after decades of military, political, scientific and technological arrogance, an astounding level of ignorance has been added. Clearly, the USA is in the process of losing its role as a Superpower. This may still take a few decades. George Friedman expects no change for USA before 2040 (GPF).

Given Knowledge equals Power, a vacuum has been building up for some time. It’s unclear who can and will step in. Europe needs to reinvent itself first (eg, Federal Republic of Europe). China, Russia and Turkey are too far away from Wisdom. India is a dark horse.

A Horse with No Name (1971) by America – artists, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2


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