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The 45th President and everything follows Why

At the moment of writing this blog, the Trump presidency hasn’t even lasted for a month and yet it feels like so much longer. I am tempted to ask myself “what’s going on”, “how’s this even possible” and “when will this be over”. Obviously, the only helpful question is why as everything follows Why (part 1, part 2).

A handicap for answering the Why question is the human concept of Time & Space because “humans only believe in the Now as “seeing is believing“. Often we doubt and/or deny our history (eg, climate change, creationism) and we fear our future.” An excerpt from my 29 November 2016 blog.

The documented human history over the past 7,000 years shows major changes along the 7 Belief systems (ie, Love, Money, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science and the Truth). These changes usually coincide with the “rise and fall of civilizations”. Over the past 7,000 years, the duration of Superpowers decreased from thousands of years, to hundreds of years, to a mere 100 years.

The free movement of Money and Knowledge resulted in movements of Power. These 3 lie at the heart of civilizations (then) and Globalisation (now). Over time, these initial 3 dimensions have evolved into my concept of the 7 Belief systems, including its Knowledge and Power domains and Wisdom in its core.

Superpowers require a balancing of the 7 Belief systems, and especially of its Knowledge and Power domains, else Wisdom will be its 1st victim. When a single belief system – within the Power domain – takes over from the other belief systems, then a civilization runs off course: autocracy (Politics), kleptocracy (Money), theocracy (Religion). 

Similar examples can also be found in the Knowledge domain: Apartheid (Philosophy), North Korea (Science), and North Korea (the Truth). The North Korean cult of personality is their attempt to control the independent 7th Belief system (and domain) – Love.

The 8 years of Obama Administration may have blinded us for the reality that the USA is in its final years of being a Superpower. On each dimension of the 7 Belief systems the US has gone off course: arrogance and narcissism (Love), greed (Money), racism (Philosophy), autocracy (Politics), Islamofobia (Religion), denial and ignorance (Science), alternative facts (the Truth).

The new Trump Administration has finally opened our eyes and subsequently closed our hearts. Our liking of Obama has blinded our judgement. The 2006 real-estate crisis, the 2007 banking crisis, the subsequent financial crisis culminating in the Great Economic Recession of 2010-2015, are all rooted in the imbalance of the 7 Belief systems within the USA.

We are witnessing the fall of a civilization and a Superpower in real-time. Trump’s election as the 45th US President is just its latest shred of evidence. In a 100 years from now, historians will write a lot about the early 2000s and how it shaped their history – and our future.

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