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Soul 2 Soul

4 February 2017


I have met a female version of myself. That is quite unique. I have never met someone in my entire life who was able to look inside me, to “read” me. This new experience suggests to me that our souls can connect and exchange information. It feels like I’ve known this person for years rather than days. An excellent connection may result in a soulmate for life.

Several years ago, I visited a professional reader who got angry with me for not being able to read me despite several attempts during a long session. He refused to send me an invoice. He claimed that I did not allow him, that I blocked him. I had no clue what he meant, I supposed I was just skeptical. Now I’m wondering if my soul refused to connect with his as I felt no respect or trust.

Over the years, I’ve become quite good in reading people which is useful in business and private life. As far as I am aware of, only two people have remained an enigma to me, one male (business) and one female (private). I was and am not able to conclude whether I trust them or not. Perhaps I was also stonewalled by these two people, similar to the professional reader’s experience.

I suppose I have only connected with a few people in my life, all female. They are (were) the people who really matter(ed) to me. To my surprise, this new connection surpasses all previous connections. Although doubt is a cornerstone of my (Pisces) personality, I feel no doubt. Not even when I’m consciously challenging myself. Feeling no doubt is a rare occasion in my life.

She claims that she has been reading my eyes, being the mirror of the soul. She was surprised about how well I read her. However, I was not reading her. I just “knew”, and even before meeting her. I did not question myself about the source of my information.

I must admit that I have never really understood the “Body, Mind & Soul” concept. It did intrigue me though but researching it wasn’t an option back then. Following my 2013 burnout and depression (my blog #1, my blog #2), I think, feel and believe that my body, mind and soul have realigned. Actually, I think I have finally found and can now give the best of myself.

Part 5 (Soul vs Spirit) of my blogs on the Sumerian civilization (5,000 BC – 2,500 BC) made me realise how I should interpret the concept of a Soul: humans contain an earthly and a divine component. The earthly component is characterised by the Body/Flesh when living, or the Spirit (eṭemmu) when dead. The divine component is represented by the Soul (zaqiqu).

According to the Sumerians, the Soul (zaqiqu) is an invisible force that can operate outside the human body, for example while dreaming and also in the afterlife (eg, Ancientpage 10 of afterlife study by University of Lethbridge). The Sumerian view is the foundation of all Abrahamic religions (eg, modern Judaism, Christianity and Islam) as Abraham was a (black) Sumerian.

Given her and my background, I can only conclude that people meet – and that souls connect – for a reason. 

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