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Needs, Wants & Beliefs (9): Body, Mind & Soul

In my recent Soul 2 Soul blog, I introduced the Body, Mind & Soul concept. I have always been intrigued by its beauty, without researching and/or understanding it. After finishing that Soul 2 Soul blog, I realised there is an analogy with my Needs, Wants & Beliefs concept.

Each layer of both concepts has a connection: Body-Needs, Mind-Wants, and Soul-Beliefs. Pre/post marital sex is a perfect example: your body needs it, your mind wants it, and your beliefs may allow or prevent it, while a breach of that belief may compromise your soul. Hat tip @ ASK.

The third layer (ie, Soul-Beliefs) was the hardest one to grasp. Initially, I overlooked the dualism of the Soul. According to ancient Chinese wisdom, hun (“cloud-soul”) and po (“white-soul”) are types of souls in Chinese philosophy and traditional religion (Wiki). In modern speak, we would probably use black/dark soul vs a bright/white soul (eg, soul colours).

The picture at the left is the best representation that I can find regarding the Body, Mind & Soul concept. Hat tip @ Dustin Dewynne.

I do not agree with some choices. Perception should be in the Mind box and replaced by human senses (eg, balance, hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch).

The mind can create a perception different from human senses (“reality”). This perception can translate into beliefs, the 7 Belief systems, and its extreme versions.

The external connections from Body, Mind & Soul towards Matter, Energy & Spirit(uality) are good, despite some disagreements (eg, Jung’s collective unconscious should be in Energy compartment, and be replaced with Faith).

Usually people feel or know when their lives are out of balance. Believing that is something entirely else. Excuses are easily found: what exactly is out of balance? I don’t know how to rebalance. When your life is out of balance then you will usually be looking/searching for something without knowing what. You only know what you miss once it’s gone.

This concept is not about the questions: what is in it for me and how to apply it? The real question is why is this important because everything follows Why. The essence of this concept is in the middle of the picture. It’s about alignmentabout balance and symmetry. A life in balance is a precondition for happiness, peace of mind, and satisfaction. Nothing more, and especially, nothing less.

Life in the Balance (instrumental) by The Four Owls – artists, video, Wiki


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