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Sumerian civilization (6): black curse and whitewashing

18 January 2017


The more I’m reading about the “black headed” Sumerian civilization, the more I think, feel and believe that the Sumerians were black Africans. Apart from the casual reference to “black headed” people, the black Sumerian civilization appears to have been whitewashed in history.

The Old Testament, the Quran and Sumerian records tell that the Sumerian royalty (eg, Abraham, Terah, King Nimrod) descends from Noah and his son Shem. The extremely wealthy Queen of Sheba, ruler of Egypt and Ethiopia, and the Israeli King Solomon both also descend from Noah.

The black Sumerians unleashed the wrath of the Gods (the Anunnaki) after building the Tower of Babel (eg, Ancient). It seems likely that these highly skilled Sumerians subsequently relocated to other regions (eg, Egypt) and blended into existing societies. Abraham escaped their fate and relocated to the (Israeli) land of Canaan. Being black, he wasn’t really welcomed by the Israelites. Given the Sumerian wealth, he bought an expensive piece of land for him and his family.

When Abraham arrived, the Israelites still worshipped their Golden Calf, an example of the then widespread sacred Bull culture. The Bull culture may have been the successor of the even more ancient religious Mother Earth culture. After several generations, Abraham’s family ruled Israel through his great grandsons King David and David’s son King Solomon.

The royal Sumerian lineage of the “black headed” Noah, Shem, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and ultimately Jesus, explains why they are referred to as the “chosen ones“.  Clearly, these “black-headed” peoplewere neither Israelite nor Arab. This is likely the reason why they are recognised as either the founder or prophets of the main 3 Abrahamic religions (ie, modern Judaism, Christianity, Islam). There is just one tiny little detail. The Sumerians were black, not white.

Suddenly the black Ethiopian Jews in Israel make perfect sense. They are likely descendents of the black Sumerian civilization and/or Queen Sheba who ruled Egypt and Ethiopia. Perhaps these Ethiopian Jews once migrated back to Africa from either Canaan or Sumer, after first having changed their former Sumerian faith to the new Abrahamic faith.

The ancient stories are codified in the Sumerian clay tablets and later the Old Testament and Quran. The later history has been codified by Titus Flavius Josephus (37-100 CE) in his works The Jewish War (c. 75) and Antiquities of the Jews (c. 94). Based on the above, it makes perfect sense that Jesus’ birth was widely seen as a royal (Sumerian) birth, including a visit of the Three Kings. Jesus was certainly no pauper in paradise, as is often suggested.

In 2015, the Economist published an article: Towers of Babel – Is there such a thing as a skyscraper curse? The Economist: “In 1999 Andrew Lawrence, then of Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, an investment bank, identified what came to be known as the “skyscraper curse”. Mr Lawrence noticed a curious correlation between the construction of the world’s tallest buildings and economic crises.”

It’s tempting to link the fate of the African continent to that ancient, divine “black curse”.

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