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Aganjú – magic and protection from Brazil

15 January 2017


 Aganjú (2004) by Bebel Gilberto artist, lyrics 1lyrics-2, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Te esperei na lua crescer / I waited for you in the growing moonlight,

Ví cadeira boa sentei / Saw a good chair and sat down

Espirrei na tua gripei / I sneezed in your presence,

Por ficar ao léo resfriei / Getting sick from contemplation

Você me agradou me acertou / You pleased me, corrected me

Me miseravou, me aqueceu / Made me miserable, warmed me

Me rasgou a roupa e valeu / Ripped off my clothes and protected me

E jurou conversas de deus / And swore our conversations to God

Aganjú (3x)

Quem sabe a labuta quitar / He who knows how much labor pays off

Sabe o trabalho que dá / Knows how much work it takes

Batalhar o pão e trazer / to struggle for bread and bring

Para a casa o sobreviver / home survival

Encontrei na rua a questão / I found in the street the question

Cem por cento a falta de chão / 100% the missing ground

Vou rezar prá nunca perder / I’m gonna pray to never lose

Essa estrutura que é você / this structure in my life that you are

Note: “Percussionist/composer Carlinhos Brown wrote the song in honor of a famous Brazilian saint. “The Aganjú is the [African] Yoruba way of saying Xangô, which is a Brazilian saint from Candomblé,” Gilberto says. Candomblé is a religion brought to Brazil by African slaves, and its primary goals are protection, good health and a comfortable lifestyle. But there’s a playful side, too. “For guys who don’t know exactly how it is, I’ll say that it would be our black magic,” she says.


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