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Nationalism vs Internationalism

I consider myself an internationalist although I have growing sympathy for the nationalist agenda. I do not favour the early adopters of nationalism (eg, Farage, Le Pen, Trump, Wilders) mainly as they usually only offer slogans and no solutions. I do however recognise their importance in the new political divide: Nationalism vs Internationalism (see my blog, GPF).

The increase in global wealth following the post WW2 globalization has made the Left-Right divide nearly meaningless. The distribution of this wealth is where the Left and the Nationalists meet each other. Both blame Globalization and to a large extent for the same reason. Multiculturalism is where both differ in opinion. Left has already lost the popular vote on that topic.

The Left has to make a choice between Nationalism and Internationalism to become relevant again. This choice will cause a break-up, similar to the early drifters on the Right (eg, Wilders). Once the break-up on the Left is completed then the new divide is clear: nationalists vs internationalists.

I think, feel and believe that Internationalism will have far reaching consequences. Some of them have been outlined in my 14 March 2016 blog “Change: urbanisation, City States and democracy”. The concept of countries will no longer be relevant in global City States – a new Hanseatic League. This borderless phenomenon already exists in Europe since the 1985 Schengen treaty.

Today, Nationalism is mostly regarded negatively. Ultimately it will become the default response to GlobalizationMulticulturalism and to Urbanisation. I am not sure how Nationalism will deal with secession demands by cities and regions (eg, California exit, Catalonia, Flanders, Mombasa, Scotland). An island like New York City is another excellent candidate.

Urbanisation had a profound impact on the 2016 US Presidential election. Until mid December 2016, Clinton has 2.8 million votes more than Trump of which 4.3 million in California (eg, Cook Political Report, Independent). Urbanisation is often underestimated.

On 26 May 2015, the FT published an article by the Dutch-American political scientist Ivo Daalder. Quote: “For the first time in human history, more people now live in cities than in rural areas. By 2050, 6.5bn people, two-thirds of all humanity, will live and work in cities. In 1950 fewer than one billion did so.” (eg, 2014 U.N. report).

Nationalism thrives in rural areas which are increasingly being vacated by people looking for work in cities. Cities keep on expanding as a result of Globalization, Multiculturalism and Urbanisation. Based upon the astonishing FT and UN numbers, I doubt that Nationalism can survive in its current shape and form. Nationalism probably needs less European borders to survive.

I recommend having another look at my 6 October 2016 blog: A brief narrative of the future.

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