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Nationalism vs Internationalism (3) – Multiculturalism (2)

Ever since my childhood, multiculturalism has been a hot topic and near taboo in the Netherlands. Birthday parties were a means to let steam off and to hear the vox populi. The first criticism that I remember was about the “temporary” Spanish workers who were imported to work in the Dutch steel mills in the 1970s. Many never left and probably similar to other countries.

Being different (eg, language, religion, skin colour) was enough to stir up the fears (eg, crime) of the local population. This common fear is most likely a leftover from our distant past. The sight of other tribes was a forewarning for trouble. Essentially, people still don’t trust strangers.

Globalization resulted in lots of emigration and immigration. Urbanisation led to a gathering in cities. This resulted in a cultural divide between cities and rural communities (eg, villages). This us and them subsequently resulted in a political divide between cities (then left, now internationalist) and villages (then right, now nationalist).

In the previous century, the various Labour parties embraced newcomers as they were future Labour voters. Mandatory integration of newcomers was hostile to the Labour agenda. Hence, newcomers kept their own culture (eg, language, religion, traditions) and lived closely together in the suburbs of big cities (eg, banlieue, Bijlmermeer, ghetto).

The private & public Canadian efforts to help Syrian newcomers (eg, NYT) is an eyeopener how to deal with multiculturalism and also change & fear management. It’s the opposite of how European countries treat newcomers. Learning the local language is essential in fear management for both locals and newcomers. Watching foreign TV is a main obstacle in domestic integration.

The solution to anti-multiculturalism isn’t sending all newcomers back. Closing mosques violates most constitutions unless we change them and close churches and synagogues too. I doubt that nationalists can get away with that. Closing the borders is an illusion unless we build fences, walls and watch towers around our countries.

My proposed solution is as follows: Treat all newcomers like migrant workers rather than “refugees”. A buddy system is available for certain groups (eg, families). Every newcomer is directly entitled to a temporary permit for housing and working. There will be no welfare entitlements. Permits will only rollover in case of good behaviour and being self-supporting.

All temporary permits are subject to a 3 strikes-out law. Criminal behaviour directly qualifies for expulsion. A Federal Republic of Europe should have the power to send back criminals to their home countries, else the Australian solution will be a backup plan.

The above solution supports both the Internationalist and the Nationalist agenda. It should also be a creative solution to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

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