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Open letter to my readers

3 November 2016


Haarlem, 3 November 2016

Dear readers,

By reading my blogs you have learned a lot about me. Yet I know little to nothing about most of you. Last weekend, my page view statistics suddenly dropped to a level I haven’t seen in a long time. This even made me wonder whether I should continue writing. Your answer came quickly: on Tuesday almost 700 and on Wednesday 555 page views, while 350 is the current daily average.

My readers are from all over the world. Since several months most of my readers are from France while I only know a few people there. In fact, France has even taken over from the USA in the overall cumulative statistics (see table).

This November 2016, I expect to reach 100,000 page views which is a milestone for me. Nevertheless, I have no clue why my blogs attract so many readers. I am curious to know more about my readers. Hence, I use this blog as an open letter to you.

I would appreciate receiving a private message telling me why you are reading my blogs. Obviously, I have my thoughts about your reasons but frankly my thoughts are just assumptions. As Eugene Lewis Fordsworthe once wrote: “The assumption is the mother of all mistakes.” Feel free to add your suggestions for additional topics in your message – or even constructive criticism.

Late 2014, I changed the language of my blogs from Dutch to English in order to attract more viewers. That decision worked very well and my Dutch readers are still in the cumulative top 3.

Until October 2016, I hardly had any readers in the UK. Since last week, I suddenly have native English viewers in my weekly top 3. Perhaps a recent blog was the tipping point for that development.

For some unknown reason, the United Arab Emirates is also in the cumulative and weekly top 5 of my readers, while I do not know anybody there.

I am curious how my readers have found my blogs. I am curious how my blogs have added value to my readers’ lives. Anything that is for free is usually considered “worthless”. Nevertheless, your reading of my blogs proves the exception to that “rule”. I am genuinely curious about the why, when, what and how.

Kind regards,

Leon Oudejans



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