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Guilty until proven innocent

1 November 2016


Last weekend, we witnessed another remarkable event in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election of 8 November 2016. The director of the FBI informed US Congress that the FBI has reopened an already closed investigation on Hillary Clinton’s email saga, without even telling why and what (eg, CNN, GuardianNYT, Reuters, WP). The result is immense speculation and renewed charges that Clinton is guilty of breaking the law without ever defining which law. There is no law against stupidity.

Let me rephrase the above in different words: a few days before the national election, the police informs parliament, against the instruction of the Justice Minister, that the police is re-investigating private correspondence of the (statistically) likely new Prime Minister (or President) but without giving any specific details on why or what.

What happened to the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” a.k.a. the presumption of innocence? What happened to the well-known police phrase that “we have no comments on an ongoing investigation“?

Recently, it also became known that Donald Trump’s lawyers want to exclude his public campaign statements in the lawsuits against him (eg, BloombergBI) as “they could unfairly prejudice the jury”.

Apparently, Trump is “innocent until proven guilty” while Clinton is “guilty until proven innocent” (book cover).

While writing this blog, Newsweek suddenly reports: “Over the course of decades, Donald Trump’s companies have systematically destroyed or hidden thousands of emails, digital records and paper documents demanded in official proceedings, often in defiance of court orders.

Newsweek, 31 October 2016: “These tactics [] have enraged judges, prosecutors, opposing lawyers and the many ordinary citizens entangled in litigation with Trump. In each instance, Trump and entities he controlled also erected numerous hurdles that made lawsuits drag on for years, forcing courtroom opponents to spend huge sums of money in legal fees as they struggled—sometimes in vain—to obtain records.”

Nearly every accusation Donald Trump has made, involves reverse psychology and projection. In very simple words: essentially he blames someone else for his own wrongdoings. It just takes time before it gets revealed. Newsweek must have been working overtime to get this news out before the election of 8 November 2016.

George Friedman views that it doesn’t matter who wins as character outweighs policies. A fair point. In his view, both candidates have a shallow character but in different ways. Another fair point. Nevertheless, I think, feel and believe an essential point is missing. While Clinton acts stupid, Trump has no interest in abiding to the law – or the forthcoming presidential election results.

The FBI should consider changing its name into Federal Bureau of Incrimination.

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