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Needs – Wants – Beliefs (2)

In my 19 September 2016 blog, I finally figured out how my concept of the 7 Belief systems fits into a much bigger concept of Needs, Wants and Beliefs (part 1). I did not prepare a diagram as I was still digesting my breakthrough. Several weeks later, I presented a preliminary diagram of the 3 levels Needs, Wants and Beliefs in my 13 October 2016 blog.

Today I present a sophisticated version of that same diagram with 4 additional levels: building blocks, chemistry, birth, and death.

The willingness to sacrifice your own life for a certain cause, defines the 7 Belief systems: Love, Money, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science and the Truth.

The other 3 additional levels (building blockschemistrybirth) represent the fundamentals of Life and thus complete my diagram and everything else.

Each level contains a “passage” to the next level, similar to computer games. Depending on your personal belief, you will either call this luck, or destiny – or perhaps both. That ingredient is most visible in the 2nd layer – chemistry. Chemistry is also the ingredient that brought your parents together and was responsible for your birth. Life itself is characterised by Needs, Wants and Beliefs and the human struggle in each of these three layers.

The recent Dutch government proposal to legalise assisted suicide for elderly persons who are still healthy but feel that they have lived a complete life (eg, GuardianNCBINYTReuters), is a striking example of the top level in my pyramid. I will use another blog for discussing the pros and cons of this proposal as I am still digesting this remarkable government plan.

I still wonder if some of these “passages” could also have intermediate levels. There might be a mezzanine level between Wants and Beliefs, which I call the Vacuum for now. This Vacuum level could then be filled with Loneliness and Depression. The cleansing of the mind could then trigger a downward or a potentially dangerous upward migration.

I am also still puzzled about what triggers the “passage” from Needs to Wants in life & nature. Only primates (ie, apes/monkeys, humans) appear to be at the Wants level and only humans at the Beliefs level. Most likely, the increasing complexity in brains is the root cause for this development in primates, and especially in humans (eg, Business Insider, CNET, Independent, LiveScience).

The human brain’s capability to self-destruct (or self-sacrifice) might be the most puzzling of all. It seems to contradict everything else in my pyramid.


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