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The 7 Belief systems – a summary

25 August 2016


My 2015 concept of the 7 Belief systems is still under development. Since my Revisit blog of 30 January 2016, some major improvements have taken place. I introduced a seemingly minor change in the heptagon on 15 July 2016. To me, it felt like another breakthrough. The recent expansion of my concept (see blogs of 171819 August 2016) was also the reason I stopped writing my book. I felt something important was missing. Today’s blog is like an executive summary of that book.

The 7 Belief systems is becoming a conceptual framework that encompasses several important concepts of life (eg, knowledge, power, wisdom). Initially, the heptagon (see picture at the right) represented the 7 extreme beliefs, worth sacrificing your (own) life for, being: Love, Money, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science and the Truth.

I started in an alphabetical order until I realised that these 7 extreme beliefs are in 2 separate and balancing domains (Knowledge = Power) and are far away from their core (Wisdom). Only 1 extreme belief is blind for both domains: Love. Love also connects both domains through the eternal triangle Faith-Hope-Love. Recently, it appeared to me that the other 4 extreme beliefs also balance each other (eg, the Truth in Knowledge <=> Politics in Power).

For a long time, I’ve been puzzled by a person’s movement from Wisdom (our core) to extreme beliefs (out of control). Recently, I realised that there must be connecting lines from our core to each extreme belief. These connecting lines also form a kind of layer around our core and are our Guiding Principles. The crucial analogy of atmosphere and gravity then suddenly dawned on me.

The 7 Guiding Principles that keep us “grounded” are: Equality (Ph), Humanism (S) and Justice (T) in the Knowledge domain, and Charity (M), Fraternity (R) and Liberty (P) in the Power domain. The independent 7th Guiding Principle (and 7th Belief system) is Love (for others).

These 7 Guiding Principles are like the atmosphere in which we breathe. Some people are more “grounded” than others, they stick to their core. Gravity is inside everything and also inside us. The gravity of some people is so strong that other people become magnetised to their beliefs and spin out of control towards the edges of the heptagon, aka the 7 extreme Belief systems.

Beyond our core of Wisdom and its layer of the 7 Guiding Principles, there is Temptation (eg, beliefs, lust, money). Temptation is an ongoing magnetic force that may trigger a person to Change. Change always triggers Fear. Extreme fears will result in extreme Beliefs. Beyond extreme beliefs is the Dark Side of our minds.

Nature and Nurture play a vital role towards Temptation. Nurture includes parental upbringing, (religious) education and social environment (eg, friends). Nurture also defines our long-term human emotions (ie, fear versus love). Our (dis)respect for Nature defines our gravity.

The title of my book about the 7 Belief systems might well be The Book of Love and Fear. Or just the Book of Love.

The Book of Love (2015) by Gavin James
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