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The 7 Belief systems – Love vs Fear

18 August 2016


My 17 August 2016 blog on Fear and the 7 Belief systems left a question mark in my mind. What are the counter balances against today’s 7 global fears? Finding specific ones did not seem useful. Finding universal counter balances wasn’t easy either. The counter balances in the Knowledge domain (ie, Philosophy, Science and the Truth) took the least effort. At some point, I began to wonder whether the Power domain (ie, Money, Politics, Religion) even has any counter balances. 

The universal counter balance against Fear is Love. Hence, the generic answer to all 7 global fears must relate to Love. I think, feel and believe that this approach has indeed resulted in the answers I was looking for. 

The antidote for self love must be Love (others). Love for others is a perfect antidote against egocentrism.

Philosophy, Science and the Truth (the Knowledge domain) are characterised by the following (loving) principles: Equality, Humanism and Justice. 

Equality (eg, genders, races, religion) is the cornerstone of Philosophy and is the antidote against hate related issues like antisemitism, racism and sexism.

I think, feel and believe that Humanism is the cornerstone of Science. The benefits and survival of a single group must however never come at the expense of other humans. Humanism includes a love for Nature as we are only our planet’s stewards. A healthy Nature allows for a healthy Humanity. A toxic planet comes at the expense of most people.

Justice is the universal safeguard for the Truth as it takes away our fear that rich opinions outweigh poor facts.

Money, Politics and Religion (the Power domain) are characterised by the following (loving) principles: Charity, Liberty and Fraternity. 

Charity (or generosity) is the universal antidote against (the fear of) poverty, in the absence of government taxation and public welfare redistribution. Charity is also a pillar in all three major Abrahamic religions, being Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Liberty (eg, beliefs, religion, speech) is the cornerstone of democratic Politics. Liberty is also the universal antidote against the fear of imprisonment and persecution. Liberty in the Power domain is balanced by Justice in the Knowledge domain.

Fraternity (or brotherhood) is an often overlooked cornerstone of Religion. The fear over religions makes us forget that all (wo)men are created in the image/likeness of Allah, God or Yahweh. Equality in the Knowledge domain is a logical consequence of Fraternity in the Power domain.

These 7 universal principles – Charity, Equality, Fraternity, Humanism, Justice, Liberty and Love – must also represent something else. Right now, I’m thinking of the 7 principles of Morality. Frankly, I am still digesting all of the above. I am not sure what I have found.

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