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Gravity and the 7 Belief systems

My 17 August and 18 August 2016 blogs have resulted in a new breakthrough in my concept of the 7 Belief systems. Since my 15 July 2016 blog, Wisdom was already in the middle of the Knowledge and Power domain. Wisdom is our core, our human center of gravity.

Gravity is the force that makes planets round and also the force that keeps us “grounded” (see my 14 July 2016 blog). Above us is a unique atmosphere that protects us (eg, meteoroids, uv radiation) and also allows us to breathe. When we exit the Earth’s atmosphere, everything becomes lethal.

I now finally realise that my concept of the 7 Belief systems works almost identical. I have felt it earlier but was unable to reach it in my mind. The Wisdom core is surrounded by a layer (an “atmosphere”) of guiding principles which should keep us “grounded”. Perhaps these 7 guiding principles refer to Morality – or to Wisdom itself. These 7 are: Equality, Humanism and Justice in the Knowledge domain, and Charity, Fraternity and Liberty in the Power domain. The independent 7th Belief system and Guiding Principle is Love (for others).

There is an interesting balancing act within the 7 Belief systems:

  1. Knowledge = Power (and a concept by the French philosopher Michel Foucault);
  2. Philosophy balances Religion, Science balances Money, and the Truth balances Politics. 
  3. The accompanying 7 Guiding Principles also balance each other: Equality (Ph) balances Fraternity (R), Justice (T) balances Liberty (P), and Humanism (S) balances Charity (M). 
  4. The independent 7th Guiding Principle is Love (for others). 

Beyond these 7 Guiding Principles there is Change. Change is a balancing act between Nature and Nurture. Change always triggers Fear. Extreme fears will result in extreme Beliefs. Beyond extreme beliefs is the Dark Side of our minds. I am not sure if there’s a way back from there. The only escape from there is more likely to be death (eg, suicide).

There are many forces that may cause us to spin out of control from our own gravity. These forces could also be labelled as temptations. Our Nurture has a profound impact on how we deal with these temptations. Our love for Nature usually relieves us from the stress which is brought by these same temptations.

Ultimately, the 7 Belief systems are also temptations that makes us spin out of control from our core Wisdom. Money (aka Greed) is the most obvious temptation. Even when we are out of control, we still know right from wrong but either we are not strong enough (addicted) or we do not longer care as our Dark Side has taken over.

This blog also makes me realise the remaining interconnectedness in my blogs. Until now, I wrongly assumed there was another concept hidden in my blogs, apart from my concept of the 7 Belief systems. Recently, I even discussed this feeling. It feels as if someone has been playing with my mind and was just waiting for me the see the Bigger Picture. I just did. Finally.

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