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Fear and the 7 Belief systems

17 August 2016


Yesterday, I had an epiphany. I should have seen this earlier as I already linked most items in my earlier blogs. Today’s main 7 fear related global issues all relate to the 7 Belief systems: bigotry, climate change, immigrants, Islam, nationalism, opinions vs facts, and skin colour.

As already noted in my Age of Pisces blog, awareness, consciousness, and individualism are the keywords for the current astrological period of 2160 years.

Love is usually directed to others. Individualism has culminated in egocentrism and self love (eg, opinions). Bigotry and hatred are the result.

In the Power domain we see several fights about immigrants, Islam and nationalism.

The fear over losing housing, jobs and welfare to immigrants is related to Money.

The fight between Christianity and Islam and also Hinduism and Islam is about a fear for a dominant Religion.

Politics typically exploits fears to gain additional power. The ongoing trend of globalism creates a fear of losing domestic power. Nationalism is the answer to that fear. It’s not a solution.

In the Knowledge domain we have 3 intense debates, being climate change, opinions vs facts, and skin colour. The fear of whites losing supremacy has resulted in irritation, frustration and then anger. This anger has mainly been directed to blacks. 

The climate change debate is an interesting one as this fear originated in Science and has already moved on to the Truth for some people. Recent example between scientist and Australian senator: “I want empirical evidence”. “I brought the graph”. “The data has been corrupted.” “By who?” “It’s been manipulated by Nasa.” (eg, ABC, BBC, Guardian).

I think, feel and believe that the last fear – the fear of facts and our preference for opinions – is also linked to the first fear. The Truth is now within ourselves because our awareness, consciousness, and individualism have culminated into egocentrism and self love (eg, opinions).

Given the above, it’s becoming harder and harder for me to like human beings. Fortunately, there are always gems amongst us, and that fact makes me retain Hope. My Faith remains my guard against Fear. Sometimes I think of having a dog as they do offer unconditional Love.

Jah Cure featuring Phylissia Ross – Unconditional Love (2010) – lyrics, video, Wiki

El amor es puro

El amor entiende lo que nadie puede entender

Quiero amarte para siempre

Enséñame como amarte incondicionalmente

You never see it coming

Then the next thing you know… unconditional love… unconditional love

She ain’t looking for no diamonds

Ain’t digging for no gold

Just somebody to love… unconditional love



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