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Cry Baby

6 August 2016


President Donald Trump was crying in his office with the doors closed. His crying was not about the words of former President Obama: “I think all of us at some points in our lives have played sports or maybe just played in a schoolyard or sandbox, and sometimes folks if they lose, they complain they got cheated. But I’ve never heard of somebody complaining about being cheated before the game was over. Or before the score is even tallied.”

President Donald Trump wasn’t crying about that remark as the 7 November 2016 Presidential election had indeed been rigged but in favour of Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the rigging had been too successful. Many more votes had been cast than were registered and/or eligible. Trump News Network had denied all allegations and had blamed the rigging on the Turkish President as former President Obama had refused to extradite the Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen.

President Donald Trump wasn’t crying over the clear screw-up by Russian hackers. How could anyone be that stupid to use the US demographics rather than its small portion of actual voters?? President Donald Trump had approved this number of voters to Moscow as he had wanted a landslide victory over his opponent. He preferred to forget about that.

President Donald Trump wasn’t crying over the humiliation following the congressional hearings over the bipartisan undisputed rigging. Neither was he crying over Paul Ryan who was speaking about no blank checks and payback. Trump assumed that Ryan’s paycheck had bounced and had advised him to blame Obama and the Clintons.

President Donald Trump wasn’t crying over the massive resignations at his new enterprise Trump News Network, starring Corey Lewandowski as host anchor. CNN had been glad to let Corey leave after Trump had repeatedly referred to CNN as Clinton News Network. “Who needs enemies with friends like him?”, CNN President Jeff Zucker had finally said about his former friend Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump wasn’t crying for John Oliver’s successful “Ditch Drumpf” movement to extradite the Trump family to Germany since their immigration application to the USA showed some anomalies. Neither had Donald been crying for the extradition of his 3rd wife Melania to Slovenia since Donald had put his hands on his daughter Ivanka’s bottom.

President Donald Trump wasn’t crying over Bill Clinton’s visit, who loved being called FLOTUS by his Secret Service detail. Bill had expressed his empathy for the utter humiliation that had been brought upon Donald Trump ever since 8 November 2016. Bill had noticed that Donald had been touched by his warm words, although FLOTUS wondered what kind of paper Donald Trump had been holding in his shaking hands.

President Donald Trump of Trump News Network was crying because of the press release by Madame Tussaud’s New York wax museum, and newspapers confirming that Trump’s hands were indeed tiny for the size of his posture.

Washington Post cartoon by Tom Toles

Neneh Cherry – Manchild (1989) – artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Manchild, will you ever win

Manchild, look at the state you’re in

a-ha – Cry Wolf (1986) – artists, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Cry wolf

Time to worry

Cry wolf

Time to worry now

You can start, but you cannot stop

You give in, but you can’t give up

You can tell all your desperate jokes

To a world that puts your

Love on hold


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