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2017 General Elections

31 August 2016


Election season has started in several European countries, including mine. The political issues may seem unique for each country but are largely the same: housing/immigrants/jobs/welfare, nationalism vs internationalism, Religion vs State.

Similar to the Brexit referendum, the parties who are against (eg, EU, immigrants, Islam) are not interested to govern even if they claim they are. The reason is also similar to Brexit: they offer slogans, not solutions. It’s much easier to be the largest party and shout from the opposition benches. It’s much more rewarding keeping a fragile multi party government as their hostage. No accountability, no responsibility. Also see my blogs of 25 October 2015 and 26 March 2016.

A Brexit scenario – governing – would be a disaster for these Njet parties. It would unveil the emptiness of their promises. The Dutch Freedom Party makes very sure that governing will not happen. Their party program is just 1 A4 on Facebook, without any (financial) backing. Just opportunistic promises aimed at their voters’ fears. It might work.

The mainstream parties have a few options: a strong minority cabinet relying on a different case-by-case parliamentary majority, or a fragile multi party cabinet with a parliamentary majority. The Dutch situation showed that a strong minority cabinet is indeed feasible. The level of disgust towards the Njet parties is crucial though.

The best defense is a good offense. This famous adage probably dates back to the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu (544 BC – 496 BC). The Njet parties are well aware of that. Rather than defending their positions, it would be more interesting to learn about the key values of all parties. At least that would bring a less emotional choice between major political beliefs.

My questions to them would be the following: How does Labour see a job market taken over by robotics? How do the Christian Democrats see the restrictions on a fellow Abrahamic religion and Religion at large? How do the Liberals see a free market in this day and age? How will they ensure a society with political and social stability that minimises the need for extreme opinions?

The answers to these questions may even be converging for the mainstream political parties. To some extent, it would – again – depend on their level of disgust towards the Njet parties. Sometimes it’s tempting to take an opportunity, join the winning side, and losing your integrity in that same process.

Although some slogans of the Njet parties are indeed tempting, I will definitely vote No to Njet. A Brexit may never even happen despite their new PM saying: “Brexit means Brexit”. Either the UK courts or the UK Parliament will stop Brexit and absolve its government in the process. The outcome of general elections can however only be overturned by new general elections.

The 2017 general elections (eg, France, Germany, Netherlands) are finally about serious issues again. I expect Russian interference in European general elections, similar to what is currently happening in the USA. There is also a lot at stake for Russia (eg, European army, NATO, oil pipelines, sanctions).

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