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The Truth about Conspiracy Theories

The truth about [insert] is usually the way conspiracy theories are announced in the media and the Internet. For examples click on Orlando mass shooting, Obama birther, and 9/11. In my 13 June blog I mentioned that I do not believe in conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, I noticed that my mind follows a similar pattern, except for making the final step. Doubt usually prevails in my mind.

The usual pattern in any conspiracy theory is as follows: (1) an extraordinary event happens, (2) media struggling for explanations on the Why, (3) Government response not satisfactory, (4) spin doctors and Internet trolls create confusion, (5) randomness of extraordinary event gets disputed, (6) no trust in Government explanation, (7) search for own truth starts, (8) truth will relate to alleged shift in Power (9) this truth will blame certain groups and will usually match one of the 7 Belief systems (ie, Love, Money, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science, and the Truth).

After writing the aforementioned paragraph, I notice that my blogs on the tragic and extraordinary events regarding flights MH17 and MH370 (30 Dec 201415 April 2015, 9 July 2015, 26 Feb 2016) follow a similar pattern, to a large extent. While writing that previous sentence, I wonder whether there is even another phase in that pattern: (0) fear of [insert]. Indeed the prospect of flying already gives me stress, although not the flight itself.

Salon: “First of all, any extraordinary event will be followed by conspiracy theorizing. I can tell you that right now. Whatever happens tomorrow, there will be a conspiracy theory about it. Number two, I think it’s important that we understand that it satisfies a need.

This human need arises from our wish to understand and explain seemingly random events. Salon: “paradoxically, [a conspiracy theory] gives people a sense of control. People hate randomness [] it’s much easier to believe in a conspiracy. Then you have someone to blame, it’s not just randomness. [] it’s psychologically different from evidence-based thinking. A conspiracy theory is immune to evidence, and that can pretty well serve as the definition of one”.

Especially, death is an excellent trigger for conspiracy theories: JFK, MLK, OBL. A conspiracy theory is far more appealing to fans/supporters than a senseless random event by a Lone Wolf. A conspiracy theory is also able to create a legend about that person. The result: greatness in life and even in death.

Scientific American: “A conspiracy theory, [political scientists Joseph E. Uscinski and Joseph M. Parent] explain, is defined by four characteristics: “(1) a group (2) acting in secret (3) to alter institutions, usurp power, hide truth, or gain utility (4) at the expense of the common good.”

The truth about conspiracy theories is that they will never die as people believe what they want to believe. Donald Trump is an excellent example: he creates innuendo himself and then builds a conspiracy theory based upon his own hearsay. 

Donald Trump nicknames his opponents after famous Disney cartoons (eg, Goofy, Pocahontas) while he sues people for referring to him as The Donald (WP). Is it possible that The Donald is hiding a truth about himself?? His childish speak, his tiny hands and short fingers could indeed suggest a Walt Disney prank. Or am I now creating a conspiracy theory??

Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots (1976) – Disco Duck
artist, lyrics, video, Wiki

Style Council – Speak Like a Child (1983)
artistslyricsvideoWiki-1, Wiki-2

Your hair hangs in golden steps
You’re a bonafide in every respect
You are walking through streets that mean nothing to you
You believe you’re above it and I don’t really blame you
Maybe that’s why you speak like a child;
The things you’re saying like “I’m so free and so wild”
And I believe it when you look in my eyes;
You offer me a life, and never lies
Least only the kind to make me smile

The Donald (video)

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