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The Vanishing (2) – the mystery continues

19 March 2016


Since her departure on March 15 and her arrival in the morning of March 16, I had not heard from a friend. For several years, she had been looking forward to finally meet me. Celebrating my birthday together seemed like a great way to start a new phase in our – previously online – friendship. Shortly after her arrival, I received her typical messages. Then she became silent.

A few hours after yesterday’s part 1 of this blog, I received several messages from her WhatsApp account. These messages did not have her typical writing signature. These messages tried to explain her absence without much conviction, let alone apologies. In total I received seven WA messages from her account in 6 minutes, the last one stating “talk later”. I am still waiting.

I have sent several messages to her account in which I am asking for a Skype call as I am determined to do a voice verification. Unlike before the messages to her account do arrive now but without being read. Her behaviour is totally different from the one I have grown used to over the years. And that does not make any sense to me.

Since 27 January 2016 she has been writing a blog. Some of these blogs are her answer to my blogs. Many other blogs display the uniqueness of her state of mind. Her last blog was written before her departure on March 15. The absence of her new blogs, and also the lack of her unique signature in these seven WA messages, is worrisome to me.

A friend from Brazil asked me why I even care about her. Good question. The answer is in the many Skype calls that I have had with my missing friend. The behaviour that transpires from these seven WA messages does not reconcile at all with our many Skype calls. I think and feel that someone is impersonating her. That would also explain the lacking / pending voice verification.

My friend from Brazil asked me what I think could have happened to her. Based on my many conversations with her, I know that there are several very jealous former boyfriends. And at least one of them lives in Europe. The other day I even noticed that the one who claims to hate me is even a Facebook friend of the daughter of my missing friend. I only “know” this extremely weird guy through the online game she, he and I have been playing for many years.

Yesterday evening, I sent this last message to my friend’s WA account: “Until I hear [name]’s voice, I will not trust the person sending messages in her name”. Again, that WA message was sent, received but not read. I sent a similar message to her estranged sister. And I still haven’t heard anything from her daughter despite several attempts.

I have learned to trust my instincts over the years as they have seldom deceived me. In 56 years, only 2 persons have been able to fly under my radar. And in both cases I doubt that they are “bad” people. My instincts tell me that something is seriously wrong with my friend and I seem to be the only one in her circle who cares about that. I can only hope that she will find a way to communicate with me in her own unique way. The last few days have been my worst for a long time.

To be, or not to be, that is the question. William Shakespeare


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