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Dutch Labour’s early April 1 joke

17 March 2016


Sometimes you hear and read things that do not make any sense. Yesterday, news media announced a proposal of the Dutch Labour party to make the sale of diesel and petrol illegal by 2030 – in 14 years time. Given the lunacy of this plan, I still wonder if it’s a premature April 1 joke. On the other hand, this plan shows why Dutch Labour keeps sinking away.

I would expect Dutch Labour to be worried by the continued lay-offs in the Dutch retail sector. I would expect any Labour party to be concerned about 24/7 robotics replacing human labour. I would expect any Labour party to be concerned about taxing the labour component out of the economy. I would expect Dutch Labour to be concerned with the fact that nearly 10% of the Dutch work force consists of independent contractors.

I would expect any European Labour party to be concerned about the impact of the massive influx of economic refugees from the Middle East and North Africa on housing, jobs and welfare for the less privileged in our own societies. How is it even possible that this – essentially social – theme has been claimed by political parties on the right??

At least, Dutch labour is concerned about immigrants although their position is not always very clear. Not too long ago, Dutch Labour almost created a Cabinet crisis on the need for shelter for refugees who have been refused asylum but refuse to go back to their country. Quite recently, Dutch Labour changed 180 degrees by proposing air transport for refugees from the Netherlands to Turkey.

Dutch Labour is more concerned with bullying its own voters by making their existing cars worthless and forcing them into electric cars which only have a radius of a few hundred kilometers. And even less in wintertime.

I sincerely doubt that electric cars even allow the use of caravans for Dutch vacation purposes (Euro 2012 modelby Dutch supplier).

The Dutch Labour party should consider its options: (1) going back to its roots, (2) merge with a Green party, or (3) dissolve itself following (i) its ignoring of Dutch labourers, and/or (ii) its eroding voter support.

Quite frankly, I am not sure if the Dutch Labour party has any future left as for many years they have been on a self-destructive course. And with friends like that, who needs enemies? The Christian Democratic party, the Labour party, and the Liberal party brought stability and prosperity to Holland for decades. It’s time for Dutch Labour to go back to its roots. And I am not even a supporter.

Odyssey – Going Back to My Roots (1981) – artists, lyrics, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

Zippin’ up my boots

Goin’ back to my roots, yeah

To the place of my birth

Back down to earth

I’m standing in the rain

Drenched and soaked with pain

Tired of short time benefits

And being exposed to the elements

I’m homeward bound

Got my head turned around


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