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Faith Hope & Love

31 December 2015


2015 has been another remarkable year for me. In its final days, a present has been given to me in the shape of a book and in the shape of its author. It feels like a present for not giving up on Faith and also for not giving up on Hope. In these same days, I received a farewell message from two people whom are – and will remain – dear to me. Doors close, doors open. 2016 is about to open itself.

I am puzzled by what the Universe is telling me. Essentially, all 3 women whom approached me on that dating site, and to whom I subsequently spoke, are related to the Church. Two of them are even a Preacher. One of them makes me feel very good and it’s mutual. Nevertheless, the probabilities of such a “coincidence” are less than remote. I am puzzled by this big fat wink. To some extent, I feel that it relates to the teacher/preacher role that I seem to fulfil myself nowadays.

Faith is very important to me although I seldom go to Church. I just hope – and pray – that Roman Catholic Pope Francis will be given enough time to clean up his stables. Perhaps he will even be able to reinstate my hope and love for “my” Church. Nevertheless, true Faith is in the heart and in the soul while its questions are in the mind. Fear rules in our minds but not in our heart and soul. 

I have never lost Hope, partly because of Faith and partly because I met Love, once. In Dutch we have a saying – “Hoop doet leven” – which officially translates as “Life is Hope”. A more subtle translation from Dutch would be: “Hope provides Life”. The absence of Hope from our daily lives brings us closer to despair (in Dutch: wanhoop) each and every day. Despair is clearly family of Fear as both make us humans act in strange ways. 

When I think of Love then I automatically think of these famous words: “Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love” (Corinthians). Yes, Love is the greatest of these three but we should not forget that it is ultimately built on Faith and supported by Hope. Together they constitute a house in which love can live.

The triangle of Faith, Hope and Love is a most powerful one. Each element reinforces the other two elements. And it also comes with reciprocity. Once you have connected these three dots in your life then – I think and feel – you are complete.

I suddenly realise that this triangle also plays a vital role in my concept which I refer to here in these blogs as the 7 Belief Systems.

The inclusion of Knowledge and Power was already a major breakthrough but this additional triangle of Faith, Hope & Love separates these two elements.

Essentially, the triangle Faith Hope & Love also separates Good from Bad.

I couldn’t have ended 2015 in a better way.

Luther Vandross (1951-2005) – Stop To Love (1986) – artist, lyrics, Wiki


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