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Belief systems – the Truth – terrorism

15 November 2015


It’s hard to understand Friday’s events in Paris – and terrorism in general – especially as we prefer to see them as lunatics. I think and feel that there is only one way to analyse their behaviour and that is through a less obvious one of the 7 Belief systems – the Truth (also see my 16 March 2015 blog). I have been struggling with that as it appeared to make more sense to use other Belief systems: Politics and especially Religion.

Their lack of political and religious support as well as their lack of basic human values, indicates that they have found their Truth. It is an absolute truth. Hence, no compromises or concessions. People who do not believe in their Truth, do not fit in their plans. And basically that is almost the entire human population. Eradication is their Goal. Submit or die.

Once you believe in your own Truth then nothing else matters (lyrics). Each time they show us that they are willing to die for their Cause. This ultimate human response is the key feature in any Belief system (also see my 14 March 2015 blog).

Yesterday, both the French President and even the Dutch PM made an intriguing remark: we are at war with Daesh / ISIL. Obviously, this deliberate choice of words must have a deeper meaning. I already read suggestions that these words may imply a future NATO military response. Possibly, the Dutch PM used these words to counter further attacks from Mr Wilders who already used these same words months ago (PVV).

Nevertheless, it would be quite useful to know who, what and where our enemy is when we go to war. Unfortunately, our enemy is in the minds of people and called Hatred. Hatred against anything including – but not limited to – our freedom and the way we live our lives.

In 1971, Marvin Gaye released his classic and superb album (and song) ‘What’s Going On‘. This song has some famous lyrics: “Father, father. We don’t need to escalate. You see, war is not the answer. For only love can conquer hate. You know we’ve got to find a way, To bring some lovin’ here today”.

A ‘War on Terror’ needs more than a military response as a mere military response would probably increase hatred in the minds of other people and also increase terrorist recruitment. Simultaneously, governments need to bring perspective to young people, and religious leaders to make a stand.

Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb made an interesting statement in yesterday’s 8pm NOS news: “I’m not a military strategist but as a governor I say that it’s time to eradicate these 40,000 to 50,000 people who joined IS”. According to Aboutaleb, “IS members represent a symbol for something to other people in the world”. Once again, Mr Aboutaleb repeated that the Islam community must make a statement. “First and foremost, these events backfire against muslims in Europe. In my opinion, all peaceful muslims in Europe must oppose this strongly”. (eg, NOS, RTL)

In my opinion, many muslims think and/or feel that Daesh / IS is part of a religious war between Judaism, its 1st derivative Christianity, and its 2nd derivative Islam. This would explain the lack of a strong muslim opposition against Daesh / IS.

Essentially, this is a war against a false Truth and not against – or in favour of – a Religion.


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